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Keeping up the optimism for 2020

I find myself staring into the month of February feeling a bit overloaded, stressed, but determined to be optimistic.

Even though I hadn’t talked about it publicly, I had a goal in mind to be part time (down to 30) hours at my job by June. I like having goals and actively working toward something and I was expecting that it COULD work. However, the attorney I work with, Christine, has resigned and will be leaving now in 2 weeks. I’m sad on quite a few levels because I really, really like working with her. She’s smart, she’s approachable, she takes the time to answer my questions and has always been very understanding and supportive. But…she found an opportunity she couldn’t pass up! So while I’m sad for me and my increased workload, I am also happy for her and want her to kill it. I also want to kill it on my end and rise to the occasion, but not to the detriment of my own happiness.

I haven’t been very happy this week. I’ve been tired because apparently now, instead of stress affecting the way I eat, it’s affecting the way I sleep. I’ve been waking up before my wife’s alarm goes off at 4:30 and I’m just kinda awake for the day, making it feel like 2 days in one.

But it’s the weekend and I have today all to myself. I am in my craft room about to get serious about some projects and let my mind wander.

I’m thinking of taking a chance and applying to the Jay Street Marketplace for the summer months. It’ll be a minimum of 5 Sundays through the season and it may be a fabulous opportunity for me to get more of my items out there for sale. It will require me to focus a bit more in my free time, but I really love it. I don’t want to lose track of the things I am working toward just because my full time job has gotten busier.

I’ve been plugging along slowly with new items, my latest being:


You can find this in my Etsy shop HERE

I’m getting better at using my glass cutter and I was able to get VERY nice lines out of this wine bottle to make this candle. Wine bottles are the hardest because they are so very thick ~ check out the thickness in this close-up:


This was one of my best cuts yet ~ nice and even.

I don’t want to lose sight of my own personal goals just because work is on my mind a lot more lately. I’ve done that many times in my life – lost focus of what I want due to distractions in relationships, jobs, conflicting goals…sometimes I wonder where I’d be in life right now if I hadn’t made much of my decisions based on the needs of other people. Would I be farther ahead in life? Would I have a higher education? Where would I be living? Who would I be today?

I do think that there’s a grand plan that I’m not in control of, so I don’t tend to focus a lot on the “what-ifs”, but sometimes I do wonder what my life would be like if I had stuck to my guns about more things instead of allowing myself to be swayed.



The bad, the good, the crafty.

I’ll keep it simple – I had a really hard day at work yesterday. When I called my wife as I was leaving and she told me that she has this new job opportunity in the bag, I burst out crying. I didn’t know the crying was going to happen, but it did. I’m so happy for her; her job has been such an unnecessary stress for so long that it feels like a bright, shining rainbow coming into our lives.

That sounds super gay and I don’t even care. Stress over work seeps into the home and makes it less of a safe haven; less of a retreat from the outside world. Even though I had a miserable day, where thoughts of resigning were rattling around in my head, I just felt like this new job for my wife was a win for me, too. Something to look forward to. Something to celebrate. Someone has to win and my wife deserves that.

While I probably shouldn’t blog about my job as it isn’t exactly hard to find this site if you Google my name, I’m going to. Certainly I’m not going to go into full details about everything because for one, it’s a legal job that comes with strict rules about confidentiality, and, two, everyone has job-related issues at times. Nobody really cares to read or listen to it after a fashion.

With that being said, my biggest struggles here are unclear/changing procedures and proper chain of command, as well as the multitude of personalities that come with working in a bigger office. My reference to this being a “bigger office” is my perspective – the last firm I worked with had only 8 people, including me. To step into a place that, at the time of my hire, had 24 employees, was certainly a difference to me. Not even really needing to mention that I knew the other 7 people pretty well – now I had a whole new group to get to know.

So, regarding the various personalities, I’ve learned who is helpful and who is not. Who skates by, not producing very much, and who works their ass off. Who will (nicely) assist me when I need it, and who will (begrudgingly) assist with a passive-aggressive attitude. Who knows their shit inside and out and who doesn’t care to learn anything else. Who will take the time to teach me something I don’t know, indulging me with my questions so that I can understand things and become a better paralegal.

Yesterday was one of those days, man – I felt that I was scolded for doing my job for one matter by someone and then, later on, was met with a super unhelpful attitude by another. There’s always a fly in the soup. It would just be nice for the 8 hours we’re at work, people could just keep it together. Work isn’t real life – if you’re mad about your life, change it – but don’t be a dink to the people that want to collect a paycheck in as comfortable of an atmosphere as possible.

The other part is the changing (or lack of procedures), and the hoops I feel I have to jump through to get things done. I don’t see it as productive to involve 75 people for a relatively simple task, but a lot of what I do seems stopped by having to go up a figurative chain of command for an answer to something relatively easy. Having to do this makes the task overcomplicated and can be super wasteful of time, money, and patience. I’m a get shit done kind of person and feeling like I need permission for a lot of things is very frustrating. I hit unnecessary speed bumps every day and I’m just tired. It’s mid-week and I’m just tired.

With that being said, I’m going to stop talking about work and talk about things I’m working on at home because that makes me HAPPIER.


These are the homemade toilet fizzies I talked about in this post! My first batch came out too soft because I added water too quickly. This second batch came out the perfect consistency and I was able to blend in my first batch with them so that nothing was wasted.  I didn’t have a silicone mold large enough so I hand-rolled them. That’s why they’re ugly (lol)! They work and smell heavenly. I’ll have to find myself some silicone soap molds to use in the future.


I’m also working on this sage green aluminum can upcycle project! Tonight I’ll be able to flip the cans right side up and sponge on the top rims so they’re uniform and deal with the sharp edges inside. They didn’t seem very sharp but guess who cut their hand on one yesterday while painting?

I also have two more sets of coasters going, so I’ll be taking the next steps with those so that they can be done by the weekend!

I’ve been trying to get in at least a little bit of crafting every weekday in some way in order to keep these small projects moving. It gives me something to look forward to on work days and even small steps in the right direction are going in the right direction and are making a difference.

Today will be a better day than yesterday. I just need to keep my head down, focus on the things that matter, and let the work stuff brush off of me.