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Handmade Wedding Bottle Décor & Fabric Flower Tutorial

I did not have the crafty drive back in 2014 when I was getting married for the first time. Marriage #2 that’s happening next week is different and although the ceremony is super small and time has been limited, I just got a bug in my ass about creating something.


And since I work with glass in my Etsy shop and have plenty of it around, why not make a wedding bottle set?  I can see myself giving more attention to creating wedding bottle décor and centerpieces now that I am finished with this project…ESPECIALLY now that know how to make these adorable fabric flowers!

I used one of the tutorials from this site. Making these little flowers is super easy and a really clever way to use up small pieces of scrap fabric and spare buttons.


Coming up next will be our bouquets. I just purchased the materials yesterday.

Simple Wedding Décor Progress

I mentioned in my blog yesterday that while I haven’t been working on adding items to my Etsy Shop, I still have been crafting – but for me. On June 13th, Theresa and I will be getting married on our patio in a very simple ceremony and, just because it’s very simple, it doesn’t mean that there will not be some unique décor around!

We have a garden arch we will put up and decorate with twinkling lights (we have plenty of those!) and some glassware I’m creating just for our wedding.


These bottles are still a work in progress ~ I have waxed a couple of them and still need to do the others. I also will be working on creating fabric flowers to attach to the bottles; I’ve found some great tutorials on Pinterest and it looks pretty straight-forward. Something to do while binge-watching Netflix.

Do those curved glass pieces look familiar? They are the remaining two vintage glass shades from the ceiling fan upgrade I did not too long ago. I told you I’d find a way to use them! I am going to get a couple of small electronic pillar candles to put in there for cute lighting.

The colors I chose have significance – my dress is a dusty pink color and Theresa’s is slate grey. I am obsessed with the matte look lately on everything ~ it’s soothing, it’s relaxed, it’s elegant without screaming “LOOK AT ME!”

This is my first foray into wedding décor that isn’t theoretical – as in, it’s a wedding that’s actually happening! I’m sure between now and then I’ll have more tricks up my sleeve, but this is what I’ve been working on as of late.