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Oh, I’ve been creating!

Creating more art for my shop, creating dried herbs from my garden, creating quiet space to [try to] stay sane, creating memories..


My latest ~ musical-note themed candle jars – can be found HERE

And the week before that, I completed this guy:


Can be found HERE.

I’ve been enjoying simplicity lately.

………………………….….Who am I kidding?

I’ve been actively seeking simplicity. Desperately. Hungrily. Stubbornly. At times, my anxiety feels like it’s going to vibrate me into million pieces. [I mean, if I’m going to blog, it may as well be honest!] I’ve been relying more on sleep aids at night than probably any other time in my life. But this too shall pass. I have faith in that.

Creating and keeping busy helps immensely.

This weekend I dried a lot of herbs from my garden. Theresa and I went out there on Friday night and picked basil, oregano and chives. I dried all of those and some dill I had frozen; hand-crumbled and divided them into small glass jars. I’m going to create labels on them and give them away at Christmas time. We’ll be keeping some for our own use, as well. We are going to try to get some space cleared out in our basement for a shelving unit for our preserved foods and overstock of other household consumables.

To me, taking the time to make things IS an act of simplifying my life. Plus, it brings me enjoyment. So it’s a win/win.

Also, I saw when I logged in today that I now have 69 followers to my blog! Wow! Thank you all! It’s nice to know that something I was doing more for me than anything else is resonating with others, too.

If you’d like to play along elsewhere, too, you can find me also on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! I’m still building my FB and IG presence – and trying not to be annoying about it.