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Keeping up the optimism for 2020

I find myself staring into the month of February feeling a bit overloaded, stressed, but determined to be optimistic.

Even though I hadn’t talked about it publicly, I had a goal in mind to be part time (down to 30) hours at my job by June. I like having goals and actively working toward something and I was expecting that it COULD work. However, the attorney I work with, Christine, has resigned and will be leaving now in 2 weeks. I’m sad on quite a few levels because I really, really like working with her. She’s smart, she’s approachable, she takes the time to answer my questions and has always been very understanding and supportive. But…she found an opportunity she couldn’t pass up! So while I’m sad for me and my increased workload, I am also happy for her and want her to kill it. I also want to kill it on my end and rise to the occasion, but not to the detriment of my own happiness.

I haven’t been very happy this week. I’ve been tired because apparently now, instead of stress affecting the way I eat, it’s affecting the way I sleep. I’ve been waking up before my wife’s alarm goes off at 4:30 and I’m just kinda awake for the day, making it feel like 2 days in one.

But it’s the weekend and I have today all to myself. I am in my craft room about to get serious about some projects and let my mind wander.

I’m thinking of taking a chance and applying to the Jay Street Marketplace for the summer months. It’ll be a minimum of 5 Sundays through the season and it may be a fabulous opportunity for me to get more of my items out there for sale. It will require me to focus a bit more in my free time, but I really love it. I don’t want to lose track of the things I am working toward just because my full time job has gotten busier.

I’ve been plugging along slowly with new items, my latest being:


You can find this in my Etsy shop HERE

I’m getting better at using my glass cutter and I was able to get VERY nice lines out of this wine bottle to make this candle. Wine bottles are the hardest because they are so very thick ~ check out the thickness in this close-up:


This was one of my best cuts yet ~ nice and even.

I don’t want to lose sight of my own personal goals just because work is on my mind a lot more lately. I’ve done that many times in my life – lost focus of what I want due to distractions in relationships, jobs, conflicting goals…sometimes I wonder where I’d be in life right now if I hadn’t made much of my decisions based on the needs of other people. Would I be farther ahead in life? Would I have a higher education? Where would I be living? Who would I be today?

I do think that there’s a grand plan that I’m not in control of, so I don’t tend to focus a lot on the “what-ifs”, but sometimes I do wonder what my life would be like if I had stuck to my guns about more things instead of allowing myself to be swayed.



New Year, New Me – NAH. New Year MORE ME!

I’m not going to wake up tomorrow a different person and nor should you. Enough is enough with the “New Year, New Me!” mentality. Change takes time and constant effort. This is why so many resolutions are unresolved. Things can be completely overwhelming when you look at them as a whole. By breaking the goals and dreams into much smaller, easier obtainable, steps and working at it consistently – that’s where the real change happens.

So no, 2020 is not going to showcase a different Stacey, although I have set up some goals for myself for the year.  2020 is hopefully going to be a more conscious year for me. Instead of operating under chaos, I’d like to operate with more intention and get closer to where I want to be. I am hoping for a year of significant growth and learning. “MORE ME!”


I’m honestly already on my way; who really needs a “New Year” to be inspired to move forward?

I’ve learned some macramé techniques and have made a bunch of plant hangers. I also got my glass bottle cutter and am determined to master it. So far it’s been a fail but I know it’ll take time and once I have it, I’ll have it! I’m excited about this and how it can expand my glassware skills!

I’ve saved some money and have been more conscious with my spending. Ya’ll, I’ve even leveled-up as an adult and have been grocery shopping for our family for the past two weeks, using the sales flyer to guide what we’ll be eating for the week. I’ve also been using the ibotta app, using it to search for deals for things we would be buying already. It’s only been two weeks but I have just over $5 in cash back from using it. (I strongly feel the key is to remember the adage of “just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you need it”.) Doing all of this definitely takes time and organization, but it’s only a couple more steps from what I was already doing with our meal planning. Now it’ll just be more financially efficient.

My eBay sales (for my decluttering goals) have been consistent, as well. I’m not making big bucks or anything off of this but it’s been very easy and satisfies my love of e-commerce and is hopefully cutting down on things simply going into the trash or recycle bin. So things are leaving our home and going to another to be re-used and loved again, while providing a few bucks that will be going directly toward the purchase of a shower for our downstairs bathroom in January. (Every little bit helps, you know?)

So, New Year MORE ME ~ More authenticity, better planning, more intention. Less negative coping mechanisms and worry about where I stand in relationships with others that aren’t a priority. I have good feelings about this new decade.

Heat Wave Weekend!

I was looking forward to this weekend ALL. WEEK. LONG. I didn’t even care about the heat advisory that’s on us ~ I’ll happily stay inside and continue to work on my goals. (However, tomorrow I may visit the town pool. It seems a shame to spend the entire weekend cooped up!)

Today, I finished the clothing donations. I dropped off one large garbage bag and three small ones at a local donation bin. The remaining toys will be either gifted to a family member or the kids’ former nursery school. I have some of my own personal clothing held back because they are listed on eBay and they end within the next 24 hours. Whatever doesn’t go will also be donated.

It just feels amazing to purge. I’ve never lived with 3 other people before and it’s amazing how much we buy, keep, outgrow and somehow still…keep. Because I’ve moved so many times in my adult life, I’ve learned to keep my own personal belongings to a minimum; it was simply too exhausting and expensive to keep moving boxes of unnecessary items from apartment to apartment. I’ve become a minimalist, albeit not a super strict one.

Something I do have trouble with purging are craft items. I’m not saying I don’t do it; I recently got rid of a TON of fabric that I knew we’d never use. But when it comes to, say, vintage jewelry pieces…


…it becomes hard for me to feel justified in getting rid of it. The string of beads you see that I’ve glued on to this strip of burlap and lace is from an old necklace. You don’t see metal beads like this anymore; the white paint has chipped, showing the faux gold underneath which is actually quite perfect for a vase I am working on.


Burns happen, unfortunately!

I’ve been working off of the same Ziploc baggie full of jewelry pieces for over a year now. I paid $20 for it and some of the jewelry was perfect fine and I re-sold as vintage pieces, recouping the cost of the entire lot quite easily. I try not to disassemble pieces that could actually be re-worn and enjoyed as they are. Thankfully, though, jewelry doesn’t take up too much space.

I hope to have this new white and gold vase ready and in my Etsy Shop by the end of this weekend.

While I’m working on that, I’ll be working on these, too:

67267782_360584034557381_5412150906017808384_n (1)

I’ve been dying to get my hands on some clear wine bottles…I had to drink their contents, first, and I’m not really a white wine drinker. (But I am still not complaining, lol!) I love the sea foam sea glass spray on them – you just can’t get brown bottles to look like this.

So, on I work ~ may as well take advantage of the hellish weather and get some stuff done!


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Yay – my third Etsy sale!

Despite the fact that I spent the weekend on various projects (see my prior post HERE), I had this nagging, frustrated feeling Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully I woke up Monday and noticed that the feeling had left the building…but I don’t know what had gotten into me. There was a lot of sighing, eye rolling, and telling Adam to lay down and to stop following me everywhere (legit, I tripped over him all day).

I also made my third sale on Etsy!


The long-stem champagne flutes! This lifted my spirits up on Sunday as I was struggling to rescreen a window. This was probably the simpliest project I took on recently and I’m happy that these former Salvation Army finds are on their way to a new home for new memories to be made. Comparing other prices of celebratory champagne flutes on Etsy, these were a screamin’ deal at $20.

Now I am staring in the fact of a craft show on 5/18, realizing that I need to create more items, consider filing a d/b/a in my home county, and get an EIN so I can start keeping track of my sales tax so I’m not caught with my pants down next year, come tax time. I want to be “legit” – that way I can claim my expenses, claim part of my household for the business, etc. All the things. Even though I’m limping along now as I begin, now’s the time to get that shit organized so that I can grow without stressing about how to keep myself and the funds organized.

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Goal check in – complications have arisen.


In checking in with my goals I set for January (see blog post HERE), STICK WITH IT being this month’s mantra, I’ve kicked ass with the sales goal. My goal was $50, or 5 sales, and I’m at $88.27 with more than 5 transactions. #BOOM! Goal accomplished before the month’s even over.

I pretty much turned that money right around and bought myself some clothes for spring/summer. No regrets there! Out with the old and in with the new!

When it comes to the weight loss of [a mere] 2 lbs…I weighed myself at the beginning, week 2 put me up 1 pound, week 3 had me down 2, making the official count as down 1 lb. from my original weight…but here’s the issue: Now, just a week later, the scale is reading 5 lbs up. That means, somehow, I would have had to ingest 17,500 extra calories…which did not happen. While I’ve had a bowl of ice cream a couple of times this month as a treat, I have overall been very mindful and discriminating of what I choose to eat, especially when it comes to added sugar.

My scale is a cheap analog scale; I think I paid around $12 for it. So, I’m thinking I need to get a battery for the better, digital scale that’s been hiding in our basement and use that instead. So, the monitoring and loss of 2 lbs on the scale isn’t happening this month. I’ll start fresh with that on February 1st to be consistent with my monthly goal-setting. Still sticking with what I’m up to though – cautious about added sugars and consistency with my workouts. I have been seeing some exciting results from the past two months of taking hot yoga, body pump, and cardio classes at Best Fitness. My quads are regaining the definition they once had and that, in itself, is success and it cannot be defined by the scale.

I also did sign back on to Facebook and joined a couple of groups for like-minded crafters and upcyclers. I also have been super active on Pinterest and now have my blog, Pinterest, Instagram, and Etsy accounts all linked in together which took a LOT of untangling. I had accounts linked to various e-mail addresses, which made it hard for all the different sites to communicate.

So far, I am kicking January’s ass! I’m even past a week off of my anti-depressants and the side effects are waning some. It’s not perfect but I am feeling like I am on a better track and that I have the tools to overcome the obstacles that will definitely get in the way at times. Doing better and feeling better take a daily effort. It’s one of the reasons why I always have my yearly planner on my desk at work – even though I don’t need it for work. I use it as a visual reminder of the things I am working toward.

Occasion for Champagne!

Today is a mixed bag of awesome and disappointment. Despite the disappointment, champagne was still purchased because it’s important to celebrate when hard work pays off!

The awesome news: I made my first sale on Etsy today!


This set of bottles is headed out to its new home in Pennsylvania tomorrow morning! I botched the shipping a bit and ended up paying $1 more than what I charged but, again, I’m still learning.  I will have to make it a point to read up on how to better utilize shipping calculations for my listings so I do not make this mistake again.

This, plus the two items I shipped today on Mercari, put me over my goal of $50 in sales this month and we’re just shy of halfway through the month! ::Pops bottle over goal achievement::

{Now I have to figure out how to best get organized for income tax purposes. The to-do list keeps getting longer!}

The disappointment: My fiancée’s job. She’s been working her ass off while being in this weird transitional period of positions and taking on tasks that don’t fall within her job description. She cares. There are some people that go to work with a mindset of “I’ll do as little as possible.” Then there are some that go to work and actually care about the job itself and the people it affects. It’s a punch in the gut to not feel recognized and monetarily compensated for over-and-above efforts. I don’t care who you are, we all want to be seen when we excel. We all do most things for some type of reward, whether it’s an emotional reward (a “feel good”) or a monetary one (a raise, bonus, etc.).

So, the champagne is still going to be popped not only because I achieved my sales goal early, but because I know how hard my fiancée works at her job and at home. Her hard work says a lot about her character and the love she has for people.


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The second week in January is trying my resolve.

It’s only the second week into the month of January – January’s motto being “stick with it” (see THIS post for details on that) and I’m entering into this week feeling like no real progress on my goals this month have been made, but I know it is too early to really tell. It’s January 7th for crying out loud. Chill, Stacey. Chill.

When it comes to my weight loss goal, I’m up one pound despite cutting out about 80% of all my added sugar intake. It’s a little discouraging, to say the least. I was not expecting to lose 20 lbs, but putting a kabosh on the excessive sugar I had been consuming since Thanksgiving should account for something on the scale, right?

One thing everyone needs to remember (including myself) when they are trying to lose body fat is that progress isn’t always reflected on the scale. Keeping the sweets and soda to a bare minimum has taken away my constant feeling of fatigue. I am more alert, less bloated, and feeling more emotionally even-keeled. Those are awesome, awesome things after just over a week of making that change. While I would have liked to have seen the scale down a pound, it will happen if I just stick with it.

Over the weekend, I had a couple of low-ball offers on some items I am selling – one of which is handmade – and I declined. Later on that day, I reconsidered because #goals, right? Unfortunately, the potential customers had already moved on with their lives. I’m not sure how I feel about that – did I foil my own opportunity to get closer to my sales goal this month? Or did I do the right thing by saying no to offers that felt a smidge insulting?

Sitting here and considering that, likely it is the venue of where I was trying to sell the thing. Wrong audience. I don’t know ~ I’m still learning. 

Around painting the kitchen cabinets this weekend (picture below of updated progress), I was able to finish my latest vase. I hand painted each and every flower on there in different patterns and I am pretty proud of the weird, unique result. The mood of this piece, to me, is “overwhelmed” ~ lately I feel like I have been flooded with ideas and inspiration. So this “overwhelmed” mood isn’t negative. Instead of mindlessly scrolling at night, I’ve done less of that and more of reading various articles related to owning and managing a successful Etsy shop, SEOs, and DIY ideas for materials I have laying around – you know, productive brain bleaching.

(Link to my Etsy Shop —–> https://www.etsy.com/shop/WeirdGlassArtStudio

And now for the kitchen progress:


We are absolutely in love with this beautiful, easy, and inexpensive kitchen transformation! This is why I love owning a home; it can be customized to whatever we want. We don’t have to get anyone’s permission to swap this or that or to get real wild by painting a room bright green! (No, we will not be doing that. But…we could if we wanted to!)

So, in summary, the plan this week is to keep on keepin’ on. Go to my classes, keep working on the kitchen, love my family and myself, and keep learning (and not truly in that order). One week of solid dedication to something doesn’t always yield instant results. Perseverance often does.

“Stick With It” – The Theme for January

Before 2019 hit, I got this amazing planner.


I have big love for planners and I did not use one for 2018 but I am READY to do it for 2019. I set January’s goals and they are as follows:

  1. Lose 2 lbs.
  2. Make 5 sales – between Mercari, Etsy, and even LetGo – OR make an extra $50 in sales. (Hey, I’m one day in and I’m already to $20.95 – two small sales!)
  3. Connect with a network with like-minded people for crafting and sales so that I may learn and share.
  4. Exercise a minimum of 3x per week.

And my motto is STICK WITH IT. Believe it or not, I sometimes fall into the category of getting discouraged relatively easily. I am like most people in that I want results yesterday. This month I am vowing to stick with my goals, even if they don’t yield the results I want. I will just keep trying; keep doing what I said I’d do all month long, even past the time I don’t want to do it anymore.


“Let no one discourage your ambitious attitude. You don’t need a fan club to achieve your goals. Be your own motivation.” – Unknown

So, in an effort to connect and learn something, I asked a fellow crafter on Instagram if they could recommend to me a good glass cutter, as they cut all sorts of bottles into different things. I was rebuffed, somewhat kindly, with a “Sorry, but I have thousands and thousands of dollars invested in machinery…” Reality: Not everyone is going to willingly be a mentor or even be helpful in the smallest way. Am I discouraged? Nope. I will continue on my journey this month of connecting, sharing, and learning.

Personally, whenever anyone has asked me how I made this or that I’ve just told them. There’s enough room in this world for us all to succeed and I’ve always loved sharing my experiences to those who care to ask.

My single goal for this week was to upload one new item to my Etsy shop ~ which I was able to do! Since I’m headed into the week, I likely won’t have time to make anything else. This is okay – I have plenty of other things to get done this week. (Details on THAT will come at another time!)


Twin Wine Bottles – Twine, Burlap & Flowers. If you’re interested, you can purchase them HERE.

I wouldn’t call these “Weird Glass Art” ~ they’re more country; more sweet, and more along the lines of what seems to be the “in thing” nowadays. I have trouble with this – with trends. I have always just made things to whatever taste I have at the time, not necessarily thinking about what’s HOT right now. I wouldn’t call myself a trendsetter because nothing I’ve made has actually started a trend. I’d just say I dance to the beat of my own drum and it doesn’t always resonate with people. Hey, whatever. I’ll Stick With It anyway!