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Out with July’s goals, in with August’s Mantra ~

So, July’s over. I blinked and here we are.

Regarding the goals I set for myself for July, I did a decent job but I was not able to fully complete it. The big haul of clothing is finished; I dropped off one last bag this morning. However, I still do have two or three boxes of craft/gift items in the garage that I need to make plans for.

But to celebrate what I accomplished versus what I did not, here we go ~ in no particular order of importance!

  • I started a Facebook fan page for my Etsy shop and have been scheduling posts and keeping content fresh and updated consistently.
  • I went to the Great Escape with Theresa and the kids; I have been looking forward to doing that all year! We had the best time last Saturday!
  • I have spent a lot of time creating new items for my Etsy shop…and made a connection with a new storefront that’s going in town. Some of my items will be there! (This has me feeling all sorts of excited and nervous and optimistic…)
  • I started a separate Instagram page and have been creating content specifically for that consistently.
  • I ordered business cards!
  • My garden looks LUSH and fabulous! I’ve been picking zucchini and cucumbers like a mofo! AND I made homemade pesto over the weekend and froze some.
  • I introduced myself to the neighbor right behind us by giving her a zucchini fresh from my garden.
  • I bought pieces of clothing that fit what my style actually is versus what it was/what I felt it “should” be. I’m done with feeling stuffy and uncomfortable; when I am worried about what I’m wearing and how I am sitting, I am less confident and less productive.
  • I did a social media clean-out of people I don’t vibe with.

So, I did quite a bit in July – more than what I initially set out for myself.

August’s Mantra is super-simple ~ it’s CREATE! I have specific items I need to create for the shop storefront I mentioned above. I will share more details about the store, opening date, etc., once we are a bit closer to it happening.

But “CREATE” doesn’t just encompass that project. I want to CREATE more mental space for myself, CREATE stronger bonds with those around me, and CREATE a better vision for my future, career-wise.

Oh, July – You are so good

We’re halfway through the month and over halfway done with 2019. I’d like to acknowledge to every adult who told me that the years would fly by after high school…you’re right. You’re so right. It never feels like there’s enough time to do all the things I want and need to do.

But, I’m checking in on my goal of clearing things out this month.







I had a yard sale on July 5th and got rid of a bunch of things. I was left with a ton of clothing and kids stuff, however, and that’s taking me some time to get through. I’ve been taking photos and bringing bags to the donation bin at a local church. Since then I’ve gotten rid of the equivalent of, what I’d guess would be, about 3 or 4 garbage bags worth of items. Larger items that didn’t go went by the curb and, living on Balltown Road as I do, they were picked up pretty rapidly by some very nice people.

It just feels fabulous to be clearing out some space. It’s so freeing.

I am mostly done with the clothing/accessory part of things. I still have a lot of other items (crafts, gifts, kids’ toys) that I need to find new homes for. The toy part is difficult because the Salvation Army stores around us are just not taking them; they’re overrun. It’s disappointing because I can’t help but think there has to be a kid, somewhere, who would love the toys that our kids have outgrown.

I’m open to suggestions for toy donations, if anyone has them!

So, this project is my sole focus, but I’ve still been doing some creating. Today, I listed a new item in my Etsy Shop ~ HERE


AND I updated/revised all of my listings to accommodate for free shipping. I received an e-mail notification sent out by the CEO of Etsy that they are giving priority advertising to items that have free shipping. So I best get with the times – people don’t want to dink around with extra shipping charges; they want it all buttoned up into one price. I get it; I’m the same way.

I am also working on turquoise guitar-themed bottles but they are giving me trouble. What was supposed to be a set of 3 has become a set of 2. This set will be a labor of love, I tell you. I’ve had paint trouble, some sort of grease showing through the paint of a bottle, to chipping…projects do not always go as planned as I’m working on them. It’s my goal to have them perfect and finished by next weekend so they can be listed.

I’m ready to begin setting some goals again – finally :)

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve felt like I’m in a place to set a goal for myself. I have just been trying to keep positive, keep a normal life/routine, all while attempting to limit the amount of stress in my life. But now that things seem relatively calm at the moment (wedding/cruise is over, my Mom appears to be doing well with her chemo thus far, school’s out and sports are over), I feel ready to begin setting some goals for July.

My biggest goal for July is DECLUTTERING.


I’ve been selling on Mercari and eBay BUT my big goal is to not take any of it into August. I am going to have a yard sale either this weekend or in two weeks and hope that most of it goes, all while continuing to upload items online for extra exposure. We have this corner of the basement that has collecting items that are meant for a sale and it keeps growing…faster than I can move it online. It feels futile and I am tired of the seemingly endless task weighing me down in the back of my head.

Anything that’s left over is getting donated. That’s all there is to it. I have to move on.

As for my Weird Glass Art Studio – I have fabulous news with that – I was accepted into the craft fair at the Niskayuna High School in October! I am super psyched about that as I attended last year as a customer and it was packed with people. It will be a great opportunity to get my name out there. Although it’s months away from now, I will have plenty of time to prepare and continue to try new methods on my glassware without feeling stressed about it.

(View my Etsy shop HERE) 

I also opened a shop on Shop Handmade’s website, but I am unsure if that’s the avenue I really want to pursue. I’d rather have my own website and that will take some time for me to build. That may not happen in July so I am just going to plug away on my Etsy and begin setting up a separate Facebook fan page for it.

So that’s it for me in July – I think those two tasks, one of them being a BIG one – is enough for now.


May is for MAYBES.

It seems like I’ve been starting the past few months like – oh hey! It’s a new month!? The realization that time is passing by as fast as water running from a faucet is getting old in 2019 quite quickly.

When it comes to achieving the monthly goals I set for myself in April, I succeeded. I sold over $200 worth of various items – the exact amount is not truly important. It was a nice clean-out month of larger items, with one Etsy sale. I also was good about making time for myself, whether it was going to the gym, working on a project, or just sleeping.

I do not have goals for May aside from the continuation of sales and steadily growing my shop (I have a craft show mid-month) and what I’ve been doing health-wise. The past few days I’ve driven quite a bit and it’s given me some time to think. Really think. I’ve been hustling my ass in hopes that it will, eventually, pan out with me doing less. I’ve been adding more to my plate thinking that at some point it will all come off of it. So far that tactic hasn’t worked very well in my life and this…habit…this…flawed sense of direction…has not given me any indication that the result will be what I want it to be. If anything, I feel busier than I’ve ever felt before and I hate it.

Why is “being busy” some sort of competition?

Why do most people pack their schedules with activities and chores that don’t bring them any real pleasure?

Why are we stressing ourselves out?

What’s the purpose?

Why am I doing this to myself?

Maybe I don’t need to necessarily set new goals for myself every month. Maybe the shit I’m doing in my life isn’t really that important.

Maybe I can focus on doing the things that feel important to me at the time – things I want to do; the things that bring me happiness and joy. Less structure. More fluidity.

All these maybes.







April, I’m not ready for you.

I woke up this morning and realized that I was not prepared for April. Goals? What goals? My GOAL is to, over the next couple of days as I get more rest and try to rejuvenate myself, to actually come up with goals for April.

Last month’s mantra was BALANCE ~ and while I didn’t take the 2 hot yoga classes per week I said I wanted to do, I did get into cycling classes with Theresa and enjoy the hours of riding in the dark with music pumping. If you get the right instructor, you get the right music and it’s easy to just time your rpms with the tunes and zone right out.

I also think I did very well with my food waste – at least, being more conscious of it. Was I able to stop it completely? No. But I was more apt to pack the random tidbits of food into my lunch for work so they wouldn’t sit lonely in the fridge. Being mindful of something can be the beginning of actually taking the steps to handle it.

Sales? I have to laugh. March was so dismal (and, to be fair, it seemed that way for a lot of independent online sellers) that I made it to $36.55 out of my $100.00 goal. I am proud though to have a budding relationship with another online seller where we may collaborate long-term, if we can make it work. That actually will be my goal this month – to foster and develop that relationship. That can lead for more sales for the both of us.

This is what she purchased from me as a sort of tester ~


See what else I have in my shop HERE.

In my calendar book, April’s quote is “A positive attitude leads to positive outcomes.” Maybe this month’s mantra is meant to be “STAY POSITIVE” because there is a lot of shittiness in my life at the moment. March ended with a BANG ~ my dad was admitted to Albany med for blood clots in his legs and lungs. He’s lucky to be alive. Today will determine when he can go home, as in, can he get up and walk on his own? The pain in his legs have been unbearable, he says, and with my mom also not well, he needs to be able to be mobile on his own with assistance of a walker or a cane until he is stronger again. I’m entering April feeling like 2019 is trying to take away the people I love.

So, I need to work on my positive thinking and continue to do the things I need to do to maintain a balance in my life because, if I don’t, I can’t be of help to my family during these troubled times.

You know what? Maybe I’m ready to set my goals now.

  • Keeping my sales goal the same at $100;
  • Staying positive;
  • Working on building a relationship with the succulent Etsy seller;
  • I made business postcards – now I just have to print them (I’m ahead of the game on that one, having designed them last week! That was actually an idea of a goal for April); and
  • Focusing on my greenhouse garden. I had to transplant a few things this weekend and I need to continue to plant and fostering their growth for a kick-ass outdoor garden this year.



Balancing on the middle of March.


How is it that we’re in the middle of March? It’s been a super busy month and I haven’t been very good whatsoever about any goals. I’ve sold $27 of my $100 goal, my craft show in May has apparently fallen through since my check never arrived and now I can’t get ahold of the woman in charge to get a better address and to see if there’s still room for me…

But you know what? I don’t really care at this point. It feels more important for me to do what feels right, not excessively stress myself out, and to just enjoy my life as much as I can. BALANCE, you know? Life feels very crazy right now and I’m not going to try and wrestle it into some sort of submission. I’m going to ride the wave and see what happens.

I admit: I’ve taken exactly 0 hot yoga classes this month so far. However, I’ve been taking cycling classes with Theresa and it’s been really nice doing that with her. The lights are dim, the music’s pumping ~ there’s a lot of brain quiet time in that class for me. I can close my eyes and just tire my legs right out. Brain quiet time is good and it is what I was looking for this month.

As to decreasing food waste, I will say I’ve been a lot more mindful. I’ve been much better at eating everything I bring with me to work, packing bits and scraps of things that aren’t a full serving of whatever. Typically those small little things would go to waste but I’ve been trying to bring them with me to work to nibble on.

What came as a shocker to me is that I’m down 3 lbs without even trying. I’ll take it!

While it’s been a tough week, I feel good about how it’s all ending. I’m looking forward to catching up on sleep and possibly getting outside for a walk with my best friend and our dogs tomorrow. My mom heads back to NYC on Monday to meet with a thoracic surgeon at Sloan Kettering, after meeting with an oncologist there yesterday. I’m grateful for steady steps forward, friends and family to lean on when needed, and for difficult times that show me how I can be a better person.

So not crushin’ it so far this month.

We’re just about halfway through February and February is so unlike January, I’m not even sure how it’s still the same year.


This time in January I was just about to my sales goal. This time in February I am only $11 in on my goal of $75. I’ve been less steady with my efforts and that is because I’m finding this month’s mantra of “FOCUS” (see blog post HERE) to be super hard.

Work has been very busy and so has life. I have an hour lunch break which I was using in January to market, use Pinterest, blog, etc. This month I’ve had to use my lunch break for different things – errands and various phone calls because adulting is annoying. I haven’t been able to carve out that time during lunch to take care of the things I was doing steadily in January.

On the home front, I’ve been busy with kids, busy with the gym, busy with chores…I can’t even say. But I do know that when Theresa and I are all done with the adult parts of every day life, we’re tired and laying in bed either mindlessly scrolling phones or sleeping.

It hasn’t all been boring though – I did read two books, finish Grace and Frankie all the way to the end of season 5 and commit to a Mother’s Day craft show in May. So that part of my February goal is done – finding a show to participate it. The “Hip and Happenin'” part I’m not entirely sure about. It’s a gamble of a show; it’s at a Health and Rehabilitation Center about an hour south of me and it’s their first time hosting it. Those are the down sides – the fact that it’s a bit farther away than I care for and it may not get a lot of traffic. The upside is that it’s an older crowd, so my glassware may be a hit. Also, it’s geared toward Mother’s Day and a lot of people gift flowers for Mother’s Day. The third bonus is that, given it’s an older audience, my mother’s afghans may sell very well because old people like cute homemade cozy items. I won’t make much from selling my mom’s afghans, maybe a few bucks a piece.

Related to February’s goal of being better at breakfast, I have been doing super well with that. All last week I enjoyed almond and coconut overnight oats, splurging twice so far this month on Eggo waffles for fun. Overall I’ve been much better about eating a healthier breakfast. Has it made a difference? Probably not yet, but each day I choose to do better is making me better in the long run. I would say I’m a pound down but I’m not even because the past few days have been super stressful and guess who’s been at the ice cream in the freezer?

If you guessed my dog, you’d be right, but I’d be a dirty, rotten liar to let you believe that.


So February isn’t as easy and rewarding as January was, but January’s “Stick With It” and this month’s goal to “Focus” just means I need to keep plugging along, doing the best I can. Life is full of distractions and goals can’t be reached every single month, but shit can still be learned and improvements can still be made.

To support my Etsy endeavor, click here —–> http://www.etsy.com/shop/WeirdGlassArtStudio

To be a part of my Pinterest, click here —-> https://www.pinterest.com/WeirdGlassArtStudio/

Goodbye January! Helllloooo February and its Mantra of “FOCUS”!

Unsure why everyone appears to feel that January had a bazillion days in it. For me, I took a hot shower, or 30, and it was over with. Also, why the complaining about how cold and snowy it’s been? We’ve had a very mild (albeit rainy and dreary) winter so far – we are NOW just getting the snow and cold weather that upstate NY winters are all about.

I’m not saying I love the cold, simply that it is what it is and what’s the use spending too much energy complaining about it and wishing for better?

But yes, GOODBYE JANUARY ~ and how did I fair with my goals?

  • My sales goal was met before halfway through the month. The goal was either 5 sales or $50 in sales. I ended with $104.12 – done!
  • Weight loss goal – tabled to February for the use of a digital scale. I do my official weigh-in tomorrow morning.
  • Networking with like-minded individuals online, seeking out advice and doing more research when it comes to marketing, SEOs, etc., – done! This will be a long work in progress though, so although January is over it’s still a continuing goal.
  • I was pretty consistent with my exercising, except for last week. I don’t typically have too much trouble making it to the gym usually, but depression and transitioning off of meds I didn’t feel were working was really making me not want to do much but stay home and away from other people. I made it through 11/12 workouts I scheduled for myself. No complaints.
  • Note: Actually, all of these goals are continuing. While they aren’t my main focus for February, they will not be cast aside ~ not to be thought of ever again.

So, welcome, February!

I think that Theresa and I will be starting our seedlings later this month for our summer garden.


Because plants are cool.

Funky twine plant holder for sale here:  https://www.mercari.com/us/item/m98302318013/

I love gardening and this year, with the removal of a big tree, we have high hopes for a more plentiful garden. The idea of starting our seedlings this month is exciting because while I don’t like to rush the seasons, the idea of picking fresh herbs, veggies, and berries from our garden seems perfect. I’m already proud of the items we haven’t even planted yet! I would just love to someday hone our skills and crops to a point where we can be mostly self-sustaining ~ maybe even fully self-sustaining.

So what else is happenin’ during February? I’ll tell ya…

February’s Mantra is…FOCUS! (“Go Deeper, Not Wider”)

  • BETTER BREAKFAST MEAL PREP is honestly my #1 goal this month, health-wise. I have fallen into that trap I think a lot of parents do – eating quick, carby foods for breakfast that don’t really start off the day well. I want to get back into overnight oats, yogurt with fruit and granola, my protein pancakes, those types of things.
  • Back to that 2 lb. weight loss ~ but again, building better breakfast and eating habits in general is more important to me than what my scale says.
  • $75 in sales, or 5 transactions.
  • Gather some intel on upcoming craft shows in the spring. Find out what’s hot, hip, and happenin’…hopefully ones that aren’t clogged with multi-level-marketing schemes.

So, that’s it. 4 new goals this month. I’ll be sticking with what I’ve been doing for January, but will continue to expand upon that, really working on my breakfast game and seeing what’s out there for craft shows. I’m excited for what February will bring. So far, so good, 2019. Well-played.





“Stick With It” – The Theme for January

Before 2019 hit, I got this amazing planner.


I have big love for planners and I did not use one for 2018 but I am READY to do it for 2019. I set January’s goals and they are as follows:

  1. Lose 2 lbs.
  2. Make 5 sales – between Mercari, Etsy, and even LetGo – OR make an extra $50 in sales. (Hey, I’m one day in and I’m already to $20.95 – two small sales!)
  3. Connect with a network with like-minded people for crafting and sales so that I may learn and share.
  4. Exercise a minimum of 3x per week.

And my motto is STICK WITH IT. Believe it or not, I sometimes fall into the category of getting discouraged relatively easily. I am like most people in that I want results yesterday. This month I am vowing to stick with my goals, even if they don’t yield the results I want. I will just keep trying; keep doing what I said I’d do all month long, even past the time I don’t want to do it anymore.


“Let no one discourage your ambitious attitude. You don’t need a fan club to achieve your goals. Be your own motivation.” – Unknown

So, in an effort to connect and learn something, I asked a fellow crafter on Instagram if they could recommend to me a good glass cutter, as they cut all sorts of bottles into different things. I was rebuffed, somewhat kindly, with a “Sorry, but I have thousands and thousands of dollars invested in machinery…” Reality: Not everyone is going to willingly be a mentor or even be helpful in the smallest way. Am I discouraged? Nope. I will continue on my journey this month of connecting, sharing, and learning.

Personally, whenever anyone has asked me how I made this or that I’ve just told them. There’s enough room in this world for us all to succeed and I’ve always loved sharing my experiences to those who care to ask.

My single goal for this week was to upload one new item to my Etsy shop ~ which I was able to do! Since I’m headed into the week, I likely won’t have time to make anything else. This is okay – I have plenty of other things to get done this week. (Details on THAT will come at another time!)


Twin Wine Bottles – Twine, Burlap & Flowers. If you’re interested, you can purchase them HERE.

I wouldn’t call these “Weird Glass Art” ~ they’re more country; more sweet, and more along the lines of what seems to be the “in thing” nowadays. I have trouble with this – with trends. I have always just made things to whatever taste I have at the time, not necessarily thinking about what’s HOT right now. I wouldn’t call myself a trendsetter because nothing I’ve made has actually started a trend. I’d just say I dance to the beat of my own drum and it doesn’t always resonate with people. Hey, whatever. I’ll Stick With It anyway!