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Out with July’s goals, in with August’s Mantra ~

So, July’s over. I blinked and here we are.

Regarding the goals I set for myself for July, I did a decent job but I was not able to fully complete it. The big haul of clothing is finished; I dropped off one last bag this morning. However, I still do have two or three boxes of craft/gift items in the garage that I need to make plans for.

But to celebrate what I accomplished versus what I did not, here we go ~ in no particular order of importance!

  • I started a Facebook fan page for my Etsy shop and have been scheduling posts and keeping content fresh and updated consistently.
  • I went to the Great Escape with Theresa and the kids; I have been looking forward to doing that all year! We had the best time last Saturday!
  • I have spent a lot of time creating new items for my Etsy shop…and made a connection with a new storefront that’s going in town. Some of my items will be there! (This has me feeling all sorts of excited and nervous and optimistic…)
  • I started a separate Instagram page and have been creating content specifically for that consistently.
  • I ordered business cards!
  • My garden looks LUSH and fabulous! I’ve been picking zucchini and cucumbers like a mofo! AND I made homemade pesto over the weekend and froze some.
  • I introduced myself to the neighbor right behind us by giving her a zucchini fresh from my garden.
  • I bought pieces of clothing that fit what my style actually is versus what it was/what I felt it “should” be. I’m done with feeling stuffy and uncomfortable; when I am worried about what I’m wearing and how I am sitting, I am less confident and less productive.
  • I did a social media clean-out of people I don’t vibe with.

So, I did quite a bit in July – more than what I initially set out for myself.

August’s Mantra is super-simple ~ it’s CREATE! I have specific items I need to create for the shop storefront I mentioned above. I will share more details about the store, opening date, etc., once we are a bit closer to it happening.

But “CREATE” doesn’t just encompass that project. I want to CREATE more mental space for myself, CREATE stronger bonds with those around me, and CREATE a better vision for my future, career-wise.

Ways to pass the time

The past few months I have made it a point to take one whole weekend day (if possible) and devote it to creative things – whether I’m gearing up for a craft show, adding to my Mercari shop, or simply decompressing – you can find me covered in glue and random pieces of fabric, minding my own business.

I get into ruts with things. Although saying that has a negative connotation, I don’t feel it’s negative at all. I get “stuck” on a certain type of craft because I’m either having a blast with it or just feel compelled to make more of whatever it is.

This time around, I’m in a weird glass art rut.


A plain clear glass vase. I textured and painted the hell out of it.


I was having a day where I felt lonely when I made this – maybe that’s why it’s very simple and a blue/grey color. Again, it started off as clear glass.


This one is my latest and it’s still under construction. Started off as clear glass.

I like how weird they are – how they went from something plain and super ordinary to buck-wild. I love how art uses a different part of your brain. Between my job and my family, I’m in “go mode” a lot. Creating things, as weird as they may be, helps soothe and calm. It helps me relax. It is a sort of meditation. Art therapy is real.

I will ride the weird glass art wave until I get bored. In the meantime, I am considering setting up an Etsy shop just for these types of projects. I saved myself a good shop name but I have not done anything with it yet. The last time I had an Etsy shop, I found it difficult to navigate and to keep track of all the fees associated with selling. Because I’m under no time constraint whatsoever, I can take my time and learn about SEOs and how to run a successful Etsy shop…if I decide that’s what I really want to do.