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Reap what you sow.

I’ve hit another really busy patch of life. Work is pretty busy and so is my real life. I felt super stressed on Monday, which may be why I wrote such a clipped blog post. I needed to get something out, so I did! I also went home and furiously biked for a half hour and I felt a lot better. Yup – I’m still on my Peloton kick.

I’m feeling proud of myself! We’ve had the bike since mid-October and I’ve been using it regularly since, steadily increasing the frequency of my workouts. I’ve never been able to stick with working out from home until now.

2020 is the year of reaping what I sow. Since 2017, my life has been pretty challenging, but that’s what happens when you leave a “dream” job, get a divorce, lose people you thought were friends, lose a beloved animal, fall in love with a woman, come out to your conservative parents, handle a conservative parent on the other side, adjust to having stepchildren, go back to a former job, buy another house, move, start a new job, get married, realize you aren’t as amazing or unique as you thought you were, learn some humility, almost lose your dad, mentally handle a mother’s cancer diagnosis, start a couple of small businesses, fail a lot…

[I tried to put that all in some sort of chronological order but so many things were happening at once, it’s probably not right.]

So, the past 3 years have solidly been a lot of hard work. Good things happened in there too, but it was a lot of struggling. So here I am in 2020 and I feel like despite the fact that we recently just lost someone (Theresa’s grandmother passed away on 1/25 – she was 98), things are really headed in the right direction this year.

Financial things are getting sorted; my mom starts immunotherapy next month. I’m learning new art techniques and am having a lot of fun with that.


I’m fully embracing my entrance into my late thirties.

I just finished the above candle and am really proud of it and excited about finally learning how to cut bottles after years of wanting to.

This candle is made from a wine bottle that I cut, sanded, then painted. The lightbulb was made from a worn out pair of jeans and a piece of a faux leather skirt. It’s surrounded in teal twine because I’m kind of obsessed with that twine right now. So, not only am I working on my glass cutting skills, I am also simultanously learning how to make candles and dye the wax whatever colors I need. I chose a light blue for this candle and kept it unscented because I’m a bit intimidated by choosing fragrances. My focus is more on the outside of the candle – the actual decoration of it. I’d hate to put so much work into it and have someone love it, but ultimately pass it up because it’s a scent they either dislike or are allergic to. It just feels safer to keep them unscented.


A plant hanger I made for a friend’s daughter recently.

I also recently learned that the “dream” job I left in 2017 so I could focus on my life  which was unnecessarily dramatic and mean-spirited behind my back afterwards is apparently shutting its doors next month. I normally hate to be all petty and whatever but I am enjoying this.  It’s refreshing. That’s what you get for slinging mud – eventually it gets on you.

Maybe that’s why I had such a troubling 2017 ~  I was owed for past behaviors and actions. I can tell you I’ve been much more careful and considerate since then. Not perfect…but more aware…and am hoping that maybe that’s why things finally feel like they’re headed in a steadily good direction. All that work and hardships of the past few years is starting to noticeably pay off.

I did a Google Search for “November”

November Freshet897

Painting by John Ottis Adams.

…and this lovely painting was one of the results.

It’d be too easy to be like “Wow, November’s here already!? Gosh, where has 2019 went?!” but I didn’t want to do that to yet another month. I’m sure most of us could agree that time goes by quickly – we, as people, are busier than ever and likely don’t stop and notice it all too much.

I want to notice it. I want to enjoy it; I want to get outside and see scenery like what the painting depicts.

I want to work on handmade gifts for the holidays. I want to continue with hot yoga and cycling and overall doing and feeling better.

I want to be aware of the creeping tendencies my shoulders have of visiting my earlobes in times of stress and chaos so I can say to them – hey, relax girl.


Oh, I’ve been creating!

Creating more art for my shop, creating dried herbs from my garden, creating quiet space to [try to] stay sane, creating memories..


My latest ~ musical-note themed candle jars – can be found HERE

And the week before that, I completed this guy:


Can be found HERE.

I’ve been enjoying simplicity lately.

………………………….….Who am I kidding?

I’ve been actively seeking simplicity. Desperately. Hungrily. Stubbornly. At times, my anxiety feels like it’s going to vibrate me into million pieces. [I mean, if I’m going to blog, it may as well be honest!] I’ve been relying more on sleep aids at night than probably any other time in my life. But this too shall pass. I have faith in that.

Creating and keeping busy helps immensely.

This weekend I dried a lot of herbs from my garden. Theresa and I went out there on Friday night and picked basil, oregano and chives. I dried all of those and some dill I had frozen; hand-crumbled and divided them into small glass jars. I’m going to create labels on them and give them away at Christmas time. We’ll be keeping some for our own use, as well. We are going to try to get some space cleared out in our basement for a shelving unit for our preserved foods and overstock of other household consumables.

To me, taking the time to make things IS an act of simplifying my life. Plus, it brings me enjoyment. So it’s a win/win.

Also, I saw when I logged in today that I now have 69 followers to my blog! Wow! Thank you all! It’s nice to know that something I was doing more for me than anything else is resonating with others, too.

If you’d like to play along elsewhere, too, you can find me also on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! I’m still building my FB and IG presence – and trying not to be annoying about it.

Show stopper!

Well, I hope to be. Maybe if I put the ~**gOOd ViBEs**~ out there for the craft show I’m participating in this coming weekend, I will BE that SHOW STOPPER!

It’s my first crafting event of the year and it’s also my first crafting event as Weird Glass Art Studio. I’m looking forward to it but I’m also apprehensive because shows that take place at local firehouses can be a hit or miss. It can be a lot of vendors and, to be 100% honest, I really dislike MLMs. It’s the absolutely worst to be next to someone who is more interested in padding out a downline rather than simply selling the products because they like them. Not only that, our customer base is so very different that it’s no good for either of us to be next to each other.

[I could go on and on about my views on MLMs but that’s worth another post entirely.]

So, I’m all packed up and ready to go for Saturday! I whipped together a door prize last night, as well:


One may look at this and think it is super simple, but it was actually challenging for me to create something specifically for a person unknown. It’s not like the individual who wins the door prize will have a choice of whatever I have available at my table; I had to make something special just for this. I think by keeping the idea simplistic (as in, leaving out the “weird”), it shows that I can create unique glassware art that can fit anyone’s style. I hope whoever walks away with this loves it and uses it well.

Materials used (for the crafty and curious):

  • empty sauce jar, labels removed and cleaned throughly;
  • Krylon chalky finish paint;
  • spray paint sealer – clear acrylic;
  • thick patterned napkin (yes! I’m for real here!);
  • Strip of burlap;
  • fabric flower – deconstructed from its stem;
  • leaves from the deconstructed fabric flower; and
  • hot glue.

While this vase cannot be tossed into a dishwasher or into your sink (none of my work should be), it can be cleaned on the inside with a damp cloth or a disinfectant wipe. You’d be surprised at how resilient the outside is with the right finishing spray, which I use on all of my work (save glassware that’s completed twine-covered). The napkin doesn’t run the risk of ripping while handling, unless you’re mauling the glass, and the glass is scratch resistant because of that spray.

What do you think – should I fill the vase with Hershey Kisses or some other kind of small wrapped candy for the prize? If so, what would you wish to receive in the vase, if you were to win the door prize?

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A creative weekend.

After spending a couple of weeks doing more organizational/decluttering stuff as opposed to creating, I had a nice creative weekend.

I uploaded two new items to my Etsy shop:

50693460_2255157698142951_4575008144475815936_nFor Sale Here —>https://www.etsy.com/listing/678325311/silver-lace-and-pearl-floral-hammered?ref=listing-shop-header-0

Which used to look like this before I dismantled it:


I don’t ever put things up for sale that I’m not 100% happy with, so that’s why I took this vase apart and went into a different direction…a wedding direction.

The second project I finished were these two mini Coke bottle decorations:


For Sale Here —> https://www.etsy.com/listing/678594093/light-blue-upcycled-twine-wrapped-coke?ref=shop_home_active_1

I dig the bleached out matte blue ~ the clean farmhouse style is so in right now. One of the easiest ways to make your living space look and feel more expensive is to not only declutter, but take some dingy items and paint them a light color, if not completely white. Such a simple upgrade really gives an item new life.

In between those projects, I also went to the Clifton Park Library’s book sale on Sunday with my friend Leah ~ I filled up my Jansport with books for only $2! Craft ideas, gardening ideas, books simply for fun…I made out like a bandit! I think she did, as well, snagging up some cookbooks for her boyfriend whose goal this year is to be more of an “adult” and learn to cook! You really can’t go wrong with a library book sale; there is always something for everyone.

You know what else you can’t go wrong with? FROZEN YOGURT! After our purchases, we went over to 16 Handles for a splurge. How I just got on the frozen yogurt deliciousness train in just the past two years I will never know…I’ve always been an ice cream girl!

I will admit though that my January goal of “Sticking With it” has mainly been very, very fruitful…but lately I’ve wanted sugary things again. For example, after having frozen yogurt Sunday I had a small bowl of ice cream last night. Because I am restarting my weight loss goal on February 1st with a digital scale (as opposed to analog), I will say that my dedication has begun to wan in this department. However, today’s a new day – a new day without ice cream or big indulgences. I kept in mind the maximum amount of added sugar in grams per day for a female (which is 25g, if you are curious) and am determined to stay off the too-much-sugar train.

When it comes to my gym routine, last week I only worked out once. Last week felt tough; I was exhausted and felt like I needed rest more than anything. So I listened to my body and gave it more sleep. Then last night, I went to Body Pump as usual and realized I felt very…bored. So, I may change up my fitness classes during the week a bit so that I stay engaged and moving forward. Maybe change out one of my body pumps with their B.Fiit classes. It was already in the back of my mind that maybe in February I’d make the change from body pump to the boot camp-style class of B.Fiit.

Anyway, that’s enough for today! I can’t wait to do my official “results” post of my January goals and outline February’s! There’s something exciting about this year to me ~ I feel like good shit’s going to happen.

“Stick With It” – The Theme for January

Before 2019 hit, I got this amazing planner.


I have big love for planners and I did not use one for 2018 but I am READY to do it for 2019. I set January’s goals and they are as follows:

  1. Lose 2 lbs.
  2. Make 5 sales – between Mercari, Etsy, and even LetGo – OR make an extra $50 in sales. (Hey, I’m one day in and I’m already to $20.95 – two small sales!)
  3. Connect with a network with like-minded people for crafting and sales so that I may learn and share.
  4. Exercise a minimum of 3x per week.

And my motto is STICK WITH IT. Believe it or not, I sometimes fall into the category of getting discouraged relatively easily. I am like most people in that I want results yesterday. This month I am vowing to stick with my goals, even if they don’t yield the results I want. I will just keep trying; keep doing what I said I’d do all month long, even past the time I don’t want to do it anymore.


“Let no one discourage your ambitious attitude. You don’t need a fan club to achieve your goals. Be your own motivation.” – Unknown

So, in an effort to connect and learn something, I asked a fellow crafter on Instagram if they could recommend to me a good glass cutter, as they cut all sorts of bottles into different things. I was rebuffed, somewhat kindly, with a “Sorry, but I have thousands and thousands of dollars invested in machinery…” Reality: Not everyone is going to willingly be a mentor or even be helpful in the smallest way. Am I discouraged? Nope. I will continue on my journey this month of connecting, sharing, and learning.

Personally, whenever anyone has asked me how I made this or that I’ve just told them. There’s enough room in this world for us all to succeed and I’ve always loved sharing my experiences to those who care to ask.

My single goal for this week was to upload one new item to my Etsy shop ~ which I was able to do! Since I’m headed into the week, I likely won’t have time to make anything else. This is okay – I have plenty of other things to get done this week. (Details on THAT will come at another time!)


Twin Wine Bottles – Twine, Burlap & Flowers. If you’re interested, you can purchase them HERE.

I wouldn’t call these “Weird Glass Art” ~ they’re more country; more sweet, and more along the lines of what seems to be the “in thing” nowadays. I have trouble with this – with trends. I have always just made things to whatever taste I have at the time, not necessarily thinking about what’s HOT right now. I wouldn’t call myself a trendsetter because nothing I’ve made has actually started a trend. I’d just say I dance to the beat of my own drum and it doesn’t always resonate with people. Hey, whatever. I’ll Stick With It anyway!

Find the beauty

Sometimes I order a box of random vintage jewelry bits online. The last batch I ordered was around $20, including shipping, and I got some amazing stuff! I was surprised that much of it was wearable, as I was only buying it for crafting purposes.


I like to do this type of stuff with them, because I think vintage jewelry wine bottles are the shit. This set is in my office and I like looking at them because I remember being so freakin’ excited receiving the jewelry lot in the mail and spreading it out on my coffee table. I matched things up by color and decided that since I had these bottles already sprayed for another project, I’d deviate from that project and make something else.

I have never really been into any color or item you would consider “delicate”, but as I get older, I’m enjoying softer colors much more. I also love the idea of making something beautiful out of things that nobody wants anymore. It’s kind of like your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend – they’re in your past for a reason but perhaps to someone else they are amazing and wonderful; worth holding on to.

And now a shameless plug to my Etsy shop, because it fits: Weird Glass Art Studio. Making the boring glassware that you have been hoarding under your kitchen sink into something unique. Trash to treasures.