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Week two of working from home due to the quarantine.

I’ve never worked from home before this COVID-19 pandemic. I went into it like “YESS all of my dreams are coming true!” – because I like home. I’m a homebody. If I can spent an entire weekend at home and not go anywhere at all I feel like I won the lottery. This quarantine hasn’t affected me in as many ways as it seems to have for those on social media – my feed is plagued with memes about boredom and insanity. I suppose I should feel lucky I don’t feel bored or as if I’m going insane.

For the past two weeks, I’ve *tried* to get up every morning earlier, so I can cycle before I clock in. I haven’t done it every day, but I have done it a few times and, on the nicer days, gotten my exercise outside in the fresh air as opposed to a stationary piece of equipment inside. I think that staying active throughout this chapter in our year 2020 is important; we need to be expending that energy!

On the mornings where I wanted or needed to hit snooze? I allowed myself to do so and don’t feel guilty about it. It’s been excessively gloomy outside lately, which is par for the course for the beginning of April. Resting is okay, as long as I’m not shirking the necessities of what needs to be done.

Whether I get up and cycle or just get up, I get ready to go to work as if I am leaving the house. This has put me in the mindset of “Okay, now I’m ready to get to work,” as opposed to simply rolling out of bed, walking the 15 steps from my room to my work station, and plunking down in my pajamas. While some people may be able to work from home this way, I didn’t feel it would be something that I could do long-term, given that this work from home thing IS so new to me. I do my hair, put makeup on, even continue to pick out my clothing and accessories the night before – just like my normal routine prior to the pandemic. Overall I don’t feel like my productivity was hampered much at all by my working from home. My connection is slower than what I’m used to in the office (oh, how I miss the speed of my work computer and my two big computer screens!), but overall, I feel like I’m moving right along with things and quite able to keep it all on track.

I did realize after week 1 that I sit a LOT more at home than I did at work, as I’m not walking back and forth to the ladies’ room or to the copy machines. So I brought my standing desk home and find I stand most of the day now. My body is thanking me for this 🙂

The boredom thing though? This I don’t get. I feel like it’s been the perfect time to slow down and work on some outstanding household projects, as well as make some crafts for some extra cash. I ramped up my macramĂ© plant hanger production, as people really seem to like them on Mercari. (I re-opened a Mercari shop under the name of Davis At Home and it keeps me busy in a positive way.)

I suppose that is what it comes down to. There’s always things to do – projects to work on. We started our garden seeds and the kale is already poking up. I’ve gone through 2 big Christmas totes and re-organized. I’ve done the laundry and hung it out on the line during the days where it isn’t raining. I’ve picked up, eaten delicious homemade foods, and finished a book. I’ve buried myself in Shameless on Netflix and drank more wine than I used to (I’m having 1-2 glasses, as opposed to almost 1). It’s relaxing. I have nowhere really to be. No one does.






I got my garlic! I got my garlic!


I got my hardneck garlic bulbs and I can’t wait to plant them all this weekend! I really hope that we have good luck with it; I’ve never had luck with growing my own garlic but I also used to assume I was magic and could throw whatever seeds in the ground at any time and then walk away.

This weekend I turn 36. I think it’s the first year in a while I legit don’t care much about my birthday. I’m more excited for planting the garlic, hanging out with my wife, and participating in the Niskayuna craft show at the high school.

36 just feels “meh”. This year I’ve realized, I suppose, how much of an adult I am, age-wise. Yet, I don’t feel it usually. I sometimes feel bogged down by responsibility, schedules, expectations…but what does a 36 year old woman really feel like? How am I supposed to feel?

I know when I wake up, my first few steps feel achy in my feet and legs. I know if I sit too long at my desk my back tightens right up. I know I feel my best wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and cozy scarfs…as evidenced a bit in the above picture. I know I value my free time more than whatever someone’s perception of me is having or not having a booming social life. I get hung up on unproductive thoughts that I would’ve thought I should’ve outgrown by now…and I know now that most adults do. We are still the same people – hopefully wizened by experiences – but still the same kid in grown-up shoes.

A bit frayed, broken, and repaired. All pretending we have our shit neatly wrapped up in a pretty box.

It’s not that I don’t care about my birthday because of any sort of dread or depression; I guess it’s more feeling that time marches on and I’m a bit more interested in what I’m doing in it rather than celebrating it. I do really want to get together with my family though, if possible, on Sunday. It’s been since the end of September since I’ve seen everyone due to all the things scheduled in October. Sunday is a maybe because it depends on how my mom is feeling from her chemotherapy on Thursday.

I don’t think it’s often you get happy talks about garlic and birthdays all in one post. You are welcome!

It’s that time…it’s garlic time!

I’ve never been successful at it, so, I suppose it’s THAT TIME for me to TRY AGAIN~

Garlic. We are going to try to plant some garlic and have already carved out a place for it!

Late in the summer, Theresa got some cinder blocks off of an online marketplace and created a long and skinny mini-fence that now borders the discounted berry plants we purchased at the end of the season. So, berries and whatnot on the inside, and in the border itself? GARLIC!

Each bulb will have its own space to (hopefully) grow so that we can have a steady stream of garlic!

Garlic braids are perfect for storing and make pretty, functional décor.


I’m using THIS article as a guide, and have already learned that I need “hardneck” garlic to plant because of the climate we’re in. I did not know this before today ~ so that may have been part of my problems in the past ~ that, and over watering.