Whelp, so much for a schedule!

I previously indicated I would be writing on Sundays and, although I had it on my to-do, the day went by and I didn’t blog! By the time I remembered I was snuggled up in bed.

Last week was my first week of college! It was super stressful; I spent a lot of time Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday feeling like I had pinching bugs inside of my stomach. I cried a few times. I told my wife I would likely end up quitting because how do people further their education while working full time and having a full life?

Then Friday hit me and I realized I was doing okay. I had gotten through my two weekly seminars, met my instructors and my classmates. Yes, the reading will be tough to manage but I legit do have every weekend to get it done. So even if the weekdays end up being crazy on occasion, I have weekend time to do the work.

Part of my anxiety is the fact that I don’t remember how to be a student, especially one taking all classes online. I have discussion boards, virtual books, and dropboxes for assignments. I had bought two pretty notebooks for my courses and realized – shit, I don’t know how to take effective notes. I take notes at work in my own version of shorthand but that doesn’t translate well into my class work.

So, I made some decisions:

1) I am going to take my notes on my computer via a Google sheet so that I can access it anywhere and reorganize the information based on its relevance after I am done with the reading;

2) I rented my books from Amazon so TONIGHT I will have both of my books in hand. Perfect timing to start my second unit! By having the actual books, I am saving myself from staring at a computer screen because I do that all day long. Sure, I will be taking notes on a computer, but I won’t be reading FROM it the entire time. Also it’s easier for me to mark where I left off in a real book and to see charts and figures in the right order. On my phone and computer things were a bit disjointed and if I clicked a link it was challenging for me to make my way back to the original text. While my virtual books are included in my tuition, for under $100 I am saving myself the stress of being tied to an electronic device. Feels like a win.

Yesterday I finished all of my reading and discussion boards and I felt PUMPED about it. I felt like “Okay, I can see how people can do this…” instead of focusing on the reasons why I felt I couldn’t. I had time to craft, pick up, take a nap, and kayak both days this weekend. I’m blessed.

I took quite a few pictures of our adventures on the water this weekend but this one is my very favorite. It’s peaceful. There was no one else out at this time – just me and my wife. It was chilly but I was bundled up and was pretty comfortable. Being out on the water made me feel like I was taking another step back to me. I used to kayak frequently and life changed and I had other things to keep me busy. It’s amazing to get back to it.

The above picture is from the Mohawk River right by the Rexford Bridge. Niskayuna, New York.

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