I’m on my way…limping along a bit, but still on my way!

As of this evening, I am registered into my two first classes at college – Ethics and Interpersonal Communication. They fit best into the time frames I need for my live online seminars. I am excited and a tiny, tiny bit nervous because I haven’t been to school since 2003…do the math. Do I even know how to student anymore?

So every day I’ve been chipping away at the getting ready to go back to college thing. Whether it’s applying for financial aide, discussing my current credits and what I need to do in order to get my bachelor’s, to scheduling classes, to applying for scholarships, getting supplies (I LOVE NOTEBOOKS!) – I’ve been taking it one task at a time; spreading it all out so it’s not lumped into one stressful day. I mean, day to day live without school can be hard enough. I am ridiculously busy at work ~ there is not enough time in the day to make it all happen but I continue to try.

At home, I feel like I haven’t been as mentally present. Too many moving parts on my end and on Theresa’s. My wife’s been kicking some serious ASS in getting our garden together this year. She built this amazing strawberry stand out of 2×6 wood and gutters so that the strawberries grow in the gutters and hang over the sides for easy picking. She’s put together, with the help of her brother and dad, a greenhouse. She’s purchased a bed for our spare bedroom, making it ready for guests when the COVID is over (or for our own nap times). We’ve sold things, decluttered, re-organized…when I say “we”, more “her”. So while I’ve been focused on preparing for school and maintaining healthy eating habits (for the most part), an exercise routine, and a busy Mercari shop…she’s been working on things that will better and benefit our family. I have been more focused on, I guess, bettering me. Which I hope, in turn, will better all of us.

Life, man. I was telling a co-worker – a kooky dude named Stefan – that I feel like I’ve lived a number of lifetimes to get to where I am today. He can relate and has had some interesting parts of his life, too, before becoming an attorney. He used to test snowboards, make ice cream, count the money in those armored trucks…maybe that’s why I am beginning to like him. He doesn’t seem like someone who knew what he wanted to do from the moment he could walk – I like people who have done different and weird things to get to where they are today. Although I haven’t strayed too far from the law (a two year stint at a gym), my style of life has changed a lot since leaving high school. I can relate, you know? To people who dabbled in this or that before settling into something adultish. Even thought I think the people who dabble forever are just as interesting. I guess people who are HAPPY with who they are and what they are doing are just super interesting to me.

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