There is no more free time in quarantine.

At least for me. It’s been a hot second since I’ve taken the time to blog ~ I’ve been SO busy with various things.

I am blessed that I continue to work full time without issue. On top of that, I’ve had steady sales from my Mercari shop and have even expanded to depop. Success has been with Mercari so far this quarantine-season and I’m grateful for it. The goal is to sell $1,200 of excess items and handmade goods so I can purchase a new shower for our downstairs bathroom, as that bathroom is declining pretty rapidly.

Affording a contractor may be out of our budget at this point so we will likely try to do as much of things as we can – but will obviously be saving the plumbing work and electrical work for the experts. But knocking down walls, tearing things out, putting a new tile floor in and the tile on the shower walls? We got that.

Plus the goal is just to keep busy and not fall into a funk.

So there is no additional time for me – I do not have hours of time that is suddenly undelegated. That’s also just my personality; I like to be moving forward.

In the spirit of moving forward, I am also in the process of getting ready to go back to college and obtain my bachelor’s degree. I am going to continue my legal education, ya’ll! I might as well, I mean, I’m good at it and I’ve seen some of these attorneys out there…some don’t give a shit, some fall asleep in meetings…I can do better. I will do better, years from now.

2 thoughts on “There is no more free time in quarantine.

  1. Indra Watson

    So glad to read about you staying positive and your success with sales! Also, congratulations on deciding to go back to school. That is awesome 🙂 Think of you often. One of many things I have admired about you is that you have a go-getter spirit and are very determined; self-motivated; and self-disciplined. Hope you never stop writing! You are one of my favorite authors!



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