Making myself do it.

It’s been harder lately for me to finish what I start. I’m good at ideas and at beginning projects…but I lost somewhere, sometime, the ability to see a lot of things through. I’m working on it.

Last weekend I finished 20 macrame plant holders that were ordered by the owner of the Saratoga Plantique. Somewhere around the 5th or 6th one, I wanted to put it down and work on something else…but they needed to be done. Why start another project when I could finish that one and mark it off my to-do list? So, I finished them and felt proud about it. Big check mark off of my list.

I have three sets of coasters that are almost done. I ran into an issue with one coaster of one of the sets…


…and one of them needs to be re-papered and finished. I don’t want to do it because it’s annoying BUT if these are going to be delivered to the Schenectady Trading Company for February, I have to finish.

So instead of having a ton of things half done, ideas half-baked and half-assed, I am really trying to slow down and work through the problems that frequently arise in creating.



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