New finished product and setting a good example.

I woke up today at 4:45 to pee and then was up. My body was like – that’s it, you don’t need any more sleep! So, I edited my photos and listed my new bottles on Etsy.  #Bam


[These bottles can be found HERE.]

I have stuck to my word about not having consistent and constant updates to my Etsy shop. I’ve slowed down and put a lot more thought into the things in progress and the things to come.

I also haven’t had the time yet to devote to the glass cutter but hope to within the next few weekends.

This morning the kids came downstairs draggin’ some serious ass. Jake’s face was puffy, as if he hadn’t slept. I think he’s going through a growth spurt. Emma was her normal chirpy morning self but she did say she was tired and that it seems like no matter how much anyone sleeps, they’re always tired too…she’s 10. I felt like I had endless energy when I was young.

What she said is true though; it seems like everyone’s just so tired all the time. Every day I’m thinking about how I can improve my life and myself so that I can shake off this tired – I can’t wait to get back to bed – feeling. (Although I am happy to report that my winter goal of sleeping more has been going pretty well.)

It’s just that everyone around me is so tired all the time, even when it’s not the dead of winter in upstate New York. I keep going back to: What is it that we’re doing wrong and how do we fix it?  Even more so when a 10 year old is remarking about it.

I mean, it’s a big reason why I said I’d be sleeping more over the cold and dark winter months. The ole bod feels like it needs to rest and I don’t want to fight it; maybe all the tired people are just pushing themselves too hard and need a damned rest.

I don’t remember ever noticing if my parents were tired while I was growing up. Emma’s a pretty perceptive child and it kind of bothers me that she sees us tired. I don’t want her to worry about those things or worry about what it’s going to be like growing into an adult in this world. I mean, yeah, we tease her about enjoying her life NOW before she has to pay bills and be all adulty, but overall? I’d rather us be a good example of living a simple and balanced life so she can have that when she’s on her own. A life where we take care of ourselves, mentally and physically, and while we don’t necessarily want or lack for anything, we happily living within our means.

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