Sometimes when I’m anxious I talk too much; filling up the space with words that I hope ease mine and the other person’s [possible] discomfort. Likely a lot of the time the other person doesn’t even know that I’m uncomfortable ~ likely a lot of the time the other person isn’t uncomfortable at all. It’s just me. I’ve always thought a lot about my relationships with other people but I am determined to stop over-thinking them. All it does is complicate the relationships.


This weekend I didn’t do that. When I my hairs were standing on end for no reason, I took a deep breath and forced myself to be normal and not fill the space with unnecessary words until I truly felt normal again. I didn’t let my anxiety dictate how the interaction was going to go and everything was just fine.

I have quite a bit going on project-wise. The owner of the Schenectady Trading Company is likely interested in more coasters so I have a couple of sets in the works right now. I have an order for 20 more macramé plant hangers from the owner of the Saratoga Plantique, who works with Crossroads in Schenectady and Saratoga Botanicals.  A friend also asked me for 3 hangers for his daughter. So, while coasters and plant hangers aren’t necessarily what I’m trying to do with Weird Glass Art Studio, I am having a great time working with different mediums and creating these special requests. I’m going with the flow.

While all of that is going on, I am also working toward finishing two current bottle projects.

I found metal pieces I liked for these bottles…

…but I am not happy with their color. My wife called them “slavery bottles” and that’s NOT the vibe I’m looking for. I have sprayed the chains metallic gold and once they are dry, I’ll put them on to see if I like them then. If they still are giving off that negative vibe, I may just leave it at twine. I am looking for the sharp texture contrast of something metal and I like the links in the chain but if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

I also have a very simple project nearing completion; this lotus flower and newsprint decoupage bottle:


It’s a similar design to something I have made before. This bottle will have cork lights in it and it will be hung. I made two coordinating cylinder glass candle holders with this design about a year ago and they got a lot of nice feedback, so I figured I’d take the same idea and put it on a clear wine bottle. I like the flower against the newsprint. It’s simple and pretty.

Other than that, shit’s good. This past weekend is the last weekend my wife works ~ actually the last weekend she works at her current job forever. We are excited for the new chapter, the new schedule, and hopefully for the less stress it’ll bring.

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