New Year, New Me – NAH. New Year MORE ME!

I’m not going to wake up tomorrow a different person and nor should you. Enough is enough with the “New Year, New Me!” mentality. Change takes time and constant effort. This is why so many resolutions are unresolved. Things can be completely overwhelming when you look at them as a whole. By breaking the goals and dreams into much smaller, easier obtainable, steps and working at it consistently – that’s where the real change happens.

So no, 2020 is not going to showcase a different Stacey, although I have set up some goals for myself for the year.  2020 is hopefully going to be a more conscious year for me. Instead of operating under chaos, I’d like to operate with more intention and get closer to where I want to be. I am hoping for a year of significant growth and learning. “MORE ME!”


I’m honestly already on my way; who really needs a “New Year” to be inspired to move forward?

I’ve learned some macramé techniques and have made a bunch of plant hangers. I also got my glass bottle cutter and am determined to master it. So far it’s been a fail but I know it’ll take time and once I have it, I’ll have it! I’m excited about this and how it can expand my glassware skills!

I’ve saved some money and have been more conscious with my spending. Ya’ll, I’ve even leveled-up as an adult and have been grocery shopping for our family for the past two weeks, using the sales flyer to guide what we’ll be eating for the week. I’ve also been using the ibotta app, using it to search for deals for things we would be buying already. It’s only been two weeks but I have just over $5 in cash back from using it. (I strongly feel the key is to remember the adage of “just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you need it”.) Doing all of this definitely takes time and organization, but it’s only a couple more steps from what I was already doing with our meal planning. Now it’ll just be more financially efficient.

My eBay sales (for my decluttering goals) have been consistent, as well. I’m not making big bucks or anything off of this but it’s been very easy and satisfies my love of e-commerce and is hopefully cutting down on things simply going into the trash or recycle bin. So things are leaving our home and going to another to be re-used and loved again, while providing a few bucks that will be going directly toward the purchase of a shower for our downstairs bathroom in January. (Every little bit helps, you know?)

So, New Year MORE ME ~ More authenticity, better planning, more intention. Less negative coping mechanisms and worry about where I stand in relationships with others that aren’t a priority. I have good feelings about this new decade.

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