There’s a fire ~ starting in my heart.

I was wondering last night if certain childhood dreams are meant to be realized, or simply meant to be cherished as they are – as wishes, ideas.

There’s something calming about working with my hands. I use my brain all day long at work managing my legal caseload and then I go home and help manage a household and all the things and people in it. To simply be quiet and keep my hands busy is a lovely feeling.


Putting my hands to work gives my brain a chance to roam free and unravel things that are going on in my head; a lot of the time they are things that are hanging out in my subconscious. As I was working on the above last night, I was thinking about this childhood dream I had of writing a novel and having it published. Specifically – am I truly burning to do it OR am I simply in love with the idea of doing it and how it sounds when I tell people?

I have had a lot of really honest talks with myself while creating. None of the outcomes are ever set in stone; life’s too fluid. I enjoy learning new things about myself through the process of making – funny how I’m 36 and am still getting to know me. I hope you are still getting to know yourself, too!

If I’m truly honest with how I’m feeling at this time – being authentic to myself and what lights me up – creating with my hands excites me more than the idea of sitting down and writing my novel. Learning a new thing that I can make and do on my own fascinates and THRILLS me! From making my own household cleaners to plant hangers to decorative glassware to this rag rug I’ve officially started as of last night – I’m pumped! And when I talk to people about those things and when I write about those things here, I can feel the electricity within me. When I talk about my idea for a novel, I bumble my words and feel intimidated and underprepared. I love to write (clearly), but maybe…just maybe…this childhood wish/goal of mine isn’t as important to me as an adult. And that’s okay.


I don’t want to let things that aren’t really a priority cloud my thinking and add stress to my life. It’s okay to just daydream and drink tea. My life is full and so much about it revvs me up!

So, my crafting plate is pretty full right now and I’m happy! I’m working on a rug made from scraps of cloth (as shown in the photo above); creating long strands of square knotted material that will be eventally woven together into a rug of a size that’s unknown to me at this time. I hope to work through the majority of my scrap cloth to use it all up. These thick strands feel durable, yet are squishy enough to be comfortable to step on.

This is a project I’ve originally wanted to start in 2015 but it didn’t happen. I had collected so much donated fabric that all went to waste. So here it truly begins, at the tail end of 2019. I hope to finish it by the end of 2020. It’s not quick work and I don’t want it to be. Good things come to those who wait and patience is key for good stuff to be made!

Another project I’ll be starting is a revamp of this [ugly] framed wall…art? Can it be called art?


This project will be for a friend’s birthday present in January. This will have to be started very soon, as it will need to be worked on in stages if it’s going to be done properly. Much of what I do is done in many stages so it feels right for me to have multiple things going on at once so that I always have something to work on! (Because I am going to be working on the candle stick holders I referenced in my last post, too!)

#AllTheThingsAllTheTime ~ my happy place. 🙂

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