Oh, the silence!

It’s the day after Christmas and we can all begin to breathe again!

Since I had done so much preparation for the holidays before Thanksgiving even hit, I felt I was immune to a lot of the holiday stress people around me were experiencing. I felt busy enough with two holiday work events and three family parties in December; I can’t imagine trying to fit in the holiday shopping. I did what I could for people this year and didn’t go overboard. Also, everyone got a little something handmade by me – whether it was from my garden or something I physically created. I felt really good about gifting those things.

Although earlier this month I said December was going to be a “no spend” month when it comes to buying things for me, I failed. At a craft show I bought myself a handmade quartz ring and coat hooks for our home; two really nice fountain pens on Amazon, AND…right on Christmas day, I treated myself to a glass cutter.

I’m SUPER eager to give glass cutting another go, with hopes to expand into glass drilling, glass etching, etc. I’m ready to learn new things and expand Weird Glass Art Studio’s horizons into more than just table-top home décor.

To praise the good, my extra purchases only set me back approximately $100 AND I put away nearly $600 into my savings. Not too shabby.

My next project is a set of these:


Please excuse our nasty stove; we’re hoping to limp along with it until we’re ready to re-do our kitchen.

I got these pretty wax battery powered candles from my mother-in-law as part of my Christmas gift. I’ve always liked taper candles but I don’t currently have holders for them. My first thought was to put them in wine bottles but the candles are just a bit too wide for them. I then tested one out in this vodka bottle and BINGO. It fits perfectly! The fun part is that I have a matching set of these bottles, too.

So consider this my “before” shot of the candle stick holders I will be making for my household out of recycled vodka bottles.

Now that the holiday is over with, I feel like I can begin to settle back into my routine again. I’m looking forward to creating and simplifying my life for 2020. I’m going to enjoy the silence immediately following this holiday (I am enjoying it already!). I’m also going to listen to the silence of others because sometimes that says more than words can express. I’ve spent too much of my life worrying about how I vibe with others personally and professionally and trying to keep things copacetic. Part of simplifying my life is letting things be and not taking it upon myself to mend fences or continue to make sure they’re all in good working order. It isn’t always my job and I can’t let it continue to add to my anxiety.

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