Blogging with a purpose (or not)

Most of the blogs I follow have a clear purpose to them. Whether it’s to teach others some new skill, advertise something, or to advertise themselves as whatever they want you to see them as.

A year ago when I started my blog I had two intentions: 1) to be open and honest about my struggle with depression and anxiety; and 2) to showcase my art. I think I have done both (amongst other things), but the first intention has been hard. There are days that are wonderful and amazing – there are big patches of my life that are. And then there are the unexplainable days that are super challenging to navigate, but navigate I do because while one day may suck, the next may not. This day is awesome and tomorrow could be too. [But if it isn’t, it’s okay. It’s just a day.]

I go with the flow.

So my blog hasn’t stayed on one steady path. It’s been very much like my life.  I used to feel self-conscious about my various interests and goals because I’ve been harshly criticized behind my back for them, but over the past year or so I’ve gotten over it. My take on it is if you’re going to judge me, you’re obviously paying more attention to my shit than your own. Maybe that’s why your own shit isn’t getting done. #RealTalk

Grass didn’t grow under my feet this weekend. It wasn’t filled with last minute Christmas shopping or anything crazy like that. It was a task-filled weekend that included bathing my dog, roller skating, grocery shopping, meal planning, organizing, cleaning, eBaying, AND making macramé plant hangers.


This was my first one and making this was like making a giant friendship bracelet for my spider plant. I loved working with this soft gray macramé cord and doing something a bit out of my norm when it comes to crafting. I’ve been working on primarily glass for over a year now and it feels inspiring and refreshing to learn a new skill. I don’t want to ever stop learning.

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