Doing Cubii things~An informal review of a Cubii under-the-desk elliptical.

As negative as things felt in the couple of weeks prior to this one, this week feels pretty damned good. I did feel like I was getting too close to a suck-hole of depression but I was able to step back from it and, while it’s still there, I don’t feel like I’m about to step in it.

Maybe I’m just motivated by my goals right now. [Hint: I am!]

I will say – THIS GIRL BE PHYSICALLY TIRED. Between it being near dark before 4:30 every afternoon, my workouts at home, and this under-the-desk elliptical I brought in from home this week…my body is pooped. Today’s a rest day and I’m grateful for that. I may use it to hit the sack early.

I want to talk about the Cubii for a moment.

I feel absolutely silly with it under my desk. To me, it’s just ridiculous to have unless a doctor recommends one. My wife bought it for her desk at work, only to find out that she wouldn’t be sitting very often (lucky her, right?) So I figured I’d bring it to my office and see how I liked it. I mean, it was $250! If I can get some use out of it, why not!? Note that I do have a platform on my desk that raises, so I can spend part of my day standing up. Lately I’ve been opting to sit more only because I’m up and around the office so often that it feels nice to sit and relax. It feels like a treat.

Now in comes the Cubii. I was instantly surprised at how I could pedal and type at the same time. I figured I’d have trouble managing both but it’s day #3 and I’m pedaling away as I type right now without much thought whatsoever. I don’t consider it a substitute for a workout [for me], but I have to say that I feel the motion pleasantly in my calves and quads, which is honestly more than what I expected. They’re fatigued after almost 3 days of this, coupled with my cycling at home and whatever amount of running around I do at work. I feel like it’s making any sort of fidgeting I’d normally do into a more purposeful movement. [Not to mention it’s a great stress reliever – I had an angry client on the phone yesterday and he couldn’t hear me cycling away as if his face was underneath the pedals BECAUSE IT IS THAT DAMNED QUIET!]

Anyway ~ so far, 10/10.

And here’s a meme that sums up my life quite nicely:



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