How sage green cans are inspiring me.

I’ve said before that I don’t care for New Years Resolutions and I don’t typically set them for myself. While journaling this weekend, I realized that I am going to set some because I don’t like floating in my life without any sort of goal to work toward. I am not waiting until January 1st to get started though, I decided to get started right away!

You should have seen me Sunday morning ~ I took a large box and filled it with clothing and shoes that I no longer need or want, and purged my bookshelves of books I don’t need to keep. Some items I donated; others I posted on eBay. After the holidays are over, whatever clothing/shoes I have not sold on eBay I will either bring to a local consignment shop or donate. I don’t intend on putting a ton of energy into this because I am trying to simplify my life ~ not add tasks to it. Simplifying my home and belongings is a part of my purging. It’s step #1!

Step #2 was filling out my new calendar book! I discarded my other one, as well as an old journal. I set myself some pretty clear goals when it comes to saving money, in hopes that it will deter my spontaneous spending when I am having a bad day, as well as the compulsive Wendy’s lunches on those same tough days. So, not only will I be thinking twice about buying more clothes when I don’t need them (I really don’t need anything until spring), but I will be thinking twice about going out and eating garbage foods. The savings plan I linked to is pretty aggressive but I figure if I follow what I can on top of what I already do with my direct deposit, I’m still ahead of the game!

I also want to slow down on my creating so I can learn new crafts. I have this beautiful light gray macramé cording I’m dying to learn how to make into fancy things. I want to take the time to expand my horizons so that I have a continuous feed of inspiration to draw from.


I’ve been consistently updating my Etsy shop and I’m ready to slow that down and focus on quality and uniqueness. I’ve been producing to create a larger inventory and while I am proud of everything I’ve made, I look at some of my older, more basic projects and know I can do better. So less is going to be more for me when it comes to updates to my shop for 2020. No more projects that pander to trendy discount shoppers. I want each and every piece to be authentically me.

As weird as it sounds, the creation of the cans above kind of solidified that desire in me. Something has been feeling off with my art; I’ve felt anxious about it. Unsettled. I realized that my mindset has been more on making things that sell as opposed to making things that excite and challenge me. Although I use mainly recycled materials in creating, I want to challenge myself to use even more recycled materials in different ways. I want to create techniques that maybe no one else has ever done before. So by updating my Etsy shop less, I will have more room to do so. (And get ready for the inevitable FAILS on my Instagram!)

Step #3 ties into everything. It’s my goal in 2020 to go down to a more part-time work schedule. In order to do this, I have to take care of my finances and simplify my life and needs. I want to do this so I can have more time to do the things in life that bring me satisfaction and joy. While I enjoy working where I do and with what I do, sometimes I feel like I spend so much time working on other people’s stuff and not enough time on the things that would benefit me and my family.

What are your goals for 2020?

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