2018/2019 Comparison

Soon it’ll be time to burn my 2019 calendar book and start recording in my fresh, clean 2020 book. To say I’m looking forward to that is an understatement; 2019’s book has been bent and beat-up, having been dragged along in my purse all year. It has helped me so much, not only to keep me organized but to show me how much progress I’ve made.

I started my Etsy Shop about a year ago now and it was in January that I was like “Okay, I’m going to give Etsy a real try for this entire year!” In order for me to gain an understanding on how best to run a shop, I needed to break down my goals into smaller, attainable ones that I could feasibly accomplish [at least part of] in a month. I haven’t been consistent throughout the entire year because I got lost a few times. Between my mother’s diagnosis, my own feelings about that and other things – it’s not as if I had just Etsy to focus on. Either way, I was decently consistent with it.

My education of that site is still on-going and I think as long as I’m on it, it will always be. Big changes were implemented by Etsy this year and while none of them really affected me, I expect to encounter changes in the future that will. That is, if I do not start my own website this year. I have not fully decided on that.


I’ve done a lot of reading into successful tagging for listings, how to read my stats, and how to cross-post listings on social media platforms effectively. It’s a continuing, on-going education. BUT here’s the thing: earlier this year, days would go by and my shop wouldn’t even get a single view without a fight. NOW, I am consistently getting a few views a day, even if I go days without posting links to my items on social media. It’s taken all year to build that and it’s not even like I’m getting a LOT of views nor making a lot of sales online. But it’s a persistent effort – a slow burn – that’s gotten me at least here.

Here doesn’t suck – here has items of mine in a local shop in Schenectady called the Schenectady Trading Company, where the past two months have been good for me, sales-wise and connection-wise with other local people and businesses. Here is with a solid Instagram community and Pinterest page. Here is with this blog, which just celebrated it’s year anniversary, that now has over 80 followers.  Here is with a possible collaboration of plant hangers with a dude who sells air plants, which is out of what I’m doing on Etsy with my glassware but is still valuable because they’re easy and fun for me to make.


Be Weird. Be Kind. Be You. Click HERE for the listing for this set!

Here is feeling like I have a healthier balance between creating (without compromising my visions), writing, my physical and mental well-being, my social life – here is feeling like I’ve been working toward the “go deeper, not wider” advice that my boss gave to me in January of this year. It’s been a hard road because I want and like to do so many different things that it can be tough to focus. The calendar book has helped IMMENSELY with this, too. Here is being more conscious of choosing what events I will participate in and what could-be-opportunities I let slip by because my time and space are more valuable than money.

Instead of scattering myself so very thin on a regular basis, I’ve been much more aware of taking tasks on and eliminating things that I don’t need to be a part of. So, for example, along with Facebook’s deletion yesterday, I also deleted my Mercari shop, including the app on my phone, because it was just one more thing to check up on every morning that had stopped being a fruitful source of extra income. Why put forth any further energy into it? I can put that energy into something else I enjoy doing.

HERE is also a place where I deleted an extra Instagram account I wasn’t using and canceled my Best Fitness membership because I don’t make it there regularly anymore and I don’t care to try. As I was thinking of things yesterday, I realized that although I would pay a penalty, I’d rather do that and not have a gym membership and a Peloton bike and membership payment. In the long run, it’ll save me money. I can just use the bike and the classes it offers and be at home. It’s been working for me.

Here is a good place to be in 2019. I expect 2020’s year-end post to show even more strides in the right direction.

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