Uncomfortably uncomfortable.

On Tuesday of last week, I went back to BFiit at Best Fitness in Schenectady because I had told a couple of ladies I’d come back that day to take a class with them. One remembered that I promised to come and she and I were quasi-workout buds that evening. I get in the zone when I exercise and I have limited awareness of those around me until I’m jolted “awake” by being spoken to.

I was super sore and sort of irked for a few days after the class. The soreness was all in my hamstrings and quads and it made going up and down the stairs, and kneeling or bending down very difficult. It also halted my cycling at home because my legs were donezo. So from Tuesday to Sunday I did not work out in a structured way, although I did take Adam for a chilly, approximately 3 mile walk on Friday. Just walking up minor inclines and declines was quite uncomfortable but it is better to move your body, even a little, when you’re sore to keep the blood flowing and muscles repairing. It just was disappointing that the workout took me out of commission for days, where my cycling/yoga routine can be done every day, if I wish to.

From being a trainer, I know I had to battle with people over what made or didn’t make a great workout. I think the answer to that question varies from person to person, but, for me, a great workout doesn’t make day-to-day activities following it excessively hard. It doesn’t mean extreme muscle soreness and limited mobility until things heal. A great workout to me doesn’t necessitate the recovery time of a minor surgery or a flu (lol). I want a workout where I can feel the fatigue and feel the progress happening BUT it doesn’t keep me from moving forward and continuing TO MOVE.

So, I really love the yoga and biking routine I have going and will stick with that until I feel I want to do something different. Also – on Thanksgiving – I was able to wear a pair of my skinny jeans quite comfortably! They aren’t 100% where I want them to be but they fit so much better. So what I’m doing is working and it isn’t causing me too much stress. Win/win.

I’ve felt uncomfortable in other ways lately though. It seems that I keep finding myself in situations or conversations I don’t want to be in and wish I could moon-walk out of. Or, flip down one of these bad boys:


Photo from r/unnecessaryinventions

It’s like people – complete strangers, mainly – seem extra willing to share their personal information with me, whether I want to hear it or not.

So, I’ve felt extra uncomfortable with things. The mood in my household hasn’t been great between kids and wife. I think it has to be the typical holiday stress, coupled with job stress but sometimes being home isn’t as restorative as I’d like it to be. There’s always someone acting up with an attitude that disrupts the peace. I find myself holding my breath and feeling like I want to talk less because it seems safer than saying the wrong thing. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I just suck with people now – it is hard for me to balance 3 extra people’s moods sometimes.

I have been working on some projects – in between making bathroom tile coasters. This here is my latest set available in my Etsy Shop.

I just haven’t spent a ton of time worrying about creating things because I’ve been more focused on getting my Christmas gifts together and wrapped. Believe it or not, I’m done shopping and almost done wrapping. I don’t mean to brag, but this girl fully intends on enjoying the holiday season and the snow without having to worry about nabbing the “perfect gift” for someone last minute. If I go to the store, I want it to be leisurely. If there’s a free night, I want to go look at Christmas lights and take pretty pictures. I want to KICK SOME SERIOUS ASS at my winter goal of sleeping more and enjoying the snowfall with a good book. In fact, I am totally kickin’ ass with that goal already.






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