Flexin’ on the little things

So I’ve been laying pretty low lately, but I wanted to write about some small victories I have been experiencing.

  1. We’ve had the Peloton bike since early October and I’ve been using it regularly. My wife told me the other day she notices that the bottom part of my butt is looking more defined! There’s nothing like an unsolicited compliment on progress being made.

Sunday morning ride!

It’s hard for me to gauge my weight because I keep moving my scale around our bedroom. Our bedroom floors slant, as does our ceiling…so in one spot I am 144 lbs., in another I’m 152. I believe I found the spot where it can live now long-term so I will be better able to keep track of what’s going on.

I have not been tracking my food regularly for the past week. I’m back feeling like My Fitness Pal is too tedious and it’s been especially hard when the past week I’ve eaten out frequently due to a cluster of family birthdays. I can easily see how people gain weight when they travel or work a lot and rely on take out – holy shit. A lunch out can easily be a day’s worth of calories in just one sitting; even more so if you order a cocktail (as I typically do).

I used to be a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor, so this information is not really new to me. It’s just that it’s no longer an abstract concept I’m explaining to my busy clients – it’s my own life, too. Same with trying to juggle kids and an exercise routine; I never pretended to understand that when I had no children myself and found myself battling excuses with people. That was always my weakness but I get it now. It’s no wonder that people were frustrated with me telling them that finding 3 or more times per week in their already limited schedule should be easy.

I have no idea if I fit into my jeans significantly better or not ~ I’m actually a bit afraid to try them on after all these birthdays and cake. Weird, right?

2) Learnin’ how to do my hairs and stuffs.

Bought one of these twisty hair straightener/curler things and I love it. There’s a small learning curve but overall it’s super easy for non-hair-talented people like me. My sister also recommended some hair products so that my tresses don’t become too stressed with a lot of heat.

3) I’ve made three sales this month – two at the Schenectady Trading Company (one while I was there visiting!), and one on Etsy. It gives me warm fuzzies to feel that people loved what they saw, bought it, and now it’s at their home giving them warm fuzzies.

That’s really it for me. I’ve been sleeping well – sleeping more – and getting some sunshine in during the day, even though it’s cold. I’m optimistic about this winter season and what it will bring for us all.

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