I have a BIG goal this winter!

I kind of got away from my public declarations of my monthly goals in my blog somewhere in the summer time. However, up until November I was keeping track of them in my calendar book. Small or large goals – whatever. I like having a mantra for the month to focus on.

October’s was “Organize” and November is a big bag of silence. I’m thinking that is perfectly okay as the silence is allowing me the space to think of what I want over the entire winter season. What I want is pretty easy…

IT IS………


For real though. Winter has come for New York’s Capital Region like a giant frozen fist and I’m 100% here for it. It’s dark at 5 p.m. now. I don’t think I want to fight the urge to slow down and sleep more; I think I want to give up and just embrace it (reasonably).


It’s only normal for our bodies to react to the change in climate. People want to believe that we aren’t affected by things like the weather and the phases of the moon because it sounds “hokey”, but do you know when the fishing is the best? Do you know when the deer are most active? If you don’t, ask a fisherman or a hunter. Humans aren’t as different as we’d like to think.

So I want to go with the flow here this winter and sleep more. Listen to my body and when it’s tired, rest. I want to slow down and do less.

Do less, visit more. Stress less and enjoy more. Create more. Read more. Have more fires in my fireplace and enjoy the snow falling, napping if I feel the need to, caring less about thing that probably should be done. Love more. Bullshit less.

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I really enjoyed my time in my studio over the past weekend finishing up the above vase. It is not up yet for sale in my Etsy shop, as I need better daylight for its official photoshoot. I painted this while devouring the movie Winter’s Bone.

You know, just kickin’ back, in no real rush for anything. That’s how I want my winter to be.



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