I did a Google Search for “November”

November Freshet897

Painting by John Ottis Adams.

…and this lovely painting was one of the results.

It’d be too easy to be like “Wow, November’s here already!? Gosh, where has 2019 went?!” but I didn’t want to do that to yet another month. I’m sure most of us could agree that time goes by quickly – we, as people, are busier than ever and likely don’t stop and notice it all too much.

I want to notice it. I want to enjoy it; I want to get outside and see scenery like what the painting depicts.

I want to work on handmade gifts for the holidays. I want to continue with hot yoga and cycling and overall doing and feeling better.

I want to be aware of the creeping tendencies my shoulders have of visiting my earlobes in times of stress and chaos so I can say to them – hey, relax girl.


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