Some time to myself to work quietly.

October has been full of SO MUCH FUN STUFF that I’m a bit tired from it all! I’ve been really feeling this week the creative itch; I needed to make the time to get back into my craft studio and work on things. Having that free time without any sort of constraint is how I recharge my batteries. Whether I’m working on creative things or other household projects, or simply sitting and reading a book for hours…that’s what I need. Undesignated, undelegated chunks of time in my life.

My wife typically works every other weekend but this month with all that’s been going on (camping, bachelorette party, a wedding, and this coming weekend a big craft show and my birthday), she’s taken all the weekends off. She easily will have an idea of what she wants to do on a day off but then will add about 10 more things there, making a day full of errands and general busy-ness, which is the opposite of restorative for me. Yesterday I had to say: I need some time by myself. And you know what? No drama. Huh, imagine that! Communicating one’s needs and having the other person be understanding of that. If everything in life could be that easy!

So, I worked on and completed the following two projects:


The first set is actually a gift I made for my cousin Shelly and is not for sale. The second piece is an experimental one that I will pack and bring with me to the show this weekend as a re-filler. I am keeping my tables relatively sparse compared to former shows because I do not want to overwhelm the customers. But as things well, I want to have other items to fill in the holes.

The set I made for my cousin is made from two recycled wine bottles that had stubborn ass labels that didn’t want to come off. So I wrapped them all up, put a strip of recycled dark blue denim around them, and re-used some pretty flowers from a prior project. While I’m sure some people will be like “Ugh, re-using materials and then giving them as gifts? TACKY!” I don’t feel that way at all. I am proud of using as much of everything as I can; it challenges me creatively, and I know my cousin appreciates handmade items. I enjoy exchanging gifts with her every Christmas because she’s super creative herself and I never know what to expect!

The second vase is pretty small and was given to me by my neighbor across the street. I sprayed it with a sea glass spray in “smoke”, wrapped it with a strip of lace from a blouse (I’ve used this same lace in two other projects, as well. It’s so beautiful against sea glass!), used some twine, bling, and vintage, dark green triangle earrings that I deconstructed. It’s a bit weird and I like it. I mean, come on. I’m Weird Glass Art Studio for crying out loud, it should be expected.

Anyway, I spent much of yesterday feeling anxious, ill-at-ease and just generally not wanting to come to work. Not because I dislike my job, but because I just needed more quiet time to myself so I could feel fully refreshed and ready to work. I find it difficult to focus and help others when I’m not feeling properly rested. But I have hot yoga tonight and I’m going to use that sweaty hour to empty my mind and recharge some. I’m still feeling a bit off and I am looking forward to my schedule freeing up in November so I can get outside a bit more in nature and hopefully do some hiking.


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