It’s that time…it’s garlic time!

I’ve never been successful at it, so, I suppose it’s THAT TIME for me to TRY AGAIN~

Garlic. We are going to try to plant some garlic and have already carved out a place for it!

Late in the summer, Theresa got some cinder blocks off of an online marketplace and created a long and skinny mini-fence that now borders the discounted berry plants we purchased at the end of the season. So, berries and whatnot on the inside, and in the border itself? GARLIC!

Each bulb will have its own space to (hopefully) grow so that we can have a steady stream of garlic!

Garlic braids are perfect for storing and make pretty, functional décor.


I’m using THIS article as a guide, and have already learned that I need “hardneck” garlic to plant because of the climate we’re in. I did not know this before today ~ so that may have been part of my problems in the past ~ that, and over watering.

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