My first in-store sale!

Big news – I sold my first piece at the Schenectady Trading Company!

This beauty went to its new home:


This vase was just a clear glass cylinder when I started with it. I layered acrylic paint to give it a stone effect and then added subtle gold metallic acrylic paint to give it the aged/vintage look. A strip of burlap overlaid with lace, a vintage brooch and a deconstructed vintage metal bead strand ~ I was (and am) really proud of this piece.

It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve worked on anything new. I’ve been gearing up for the show on October 26th at the Niskayuna High School so between deciding on what items I am going to bring, arranging the tables, making sure everything is neatly labeled and packed away, I haven’t had the time. I’ve also been doing a lot of non-craft related things like camping, a bachelorette party, and then a wedding this coming weekend.

So the weekends haven’t been free for me to work ~ which is fine, because these are all fun things ~ but I am starting to crave the free weekends that are coming back up in November. I can’t wait to get my hands into more projects – projects for sale and projects for the holidays.

I’ve been doing really well with making sure I take some time out of every day for myself. This is week 3 and it’s amazing how much of a difference it really makes. I’ve either had time to read, write, or watch a show I like every day, all while still tackling chores and projects that were kind of hanging over me. In the past week alone, while still making time for me, I ripped up the garden (with Emma’s help), put the spare bedroom’s bed together, attended a hot yoga class and used the Peloton bike 3x at home ~ all without feeling too stressed out for time. I even made 3 loaves of fresh bread on Sunday because I felt motivated to bake. It’s been a while since I’ve had the baking bug. #WinnerWinner

It’s really eye-opening to realize just a few weeks ago, simply because I wasn’t paying attention to my needs, life felt super overwhelming and I wasn’t even being as productive or doing as much. I’m consciously not trying to add more stuff to my plate simply because I feel like I could handle more; I’m enjoying the feeling right now of some sort of balance.

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