A taste of getting back to my roots ~

This past weekend I visited a friend’s camp that I thought I hadn’t visited in two years…turns out, it’s been 3. The last time I had been up to Ragged Lake (about 30-45 min from Malone, NY) was with my now ex-husband and it was apparently the camp’s opening in the spring. So this would have been in the spring of 2016 and here I am in the fall of 2019, bringing my wife for the first time.

I knew I missed it and over the years when I was invited, it bothered me to not be able to go for one reason or another. I remember being like “please don’t stop inviting me – I will make it again!”, while praying to myself that life would settle down. I know life has its times where its a constant summersault but I hadn’t truly experienced that before and it was a doozy. I have found my footing though, as much of a tight-tope it may seem at times.

The quiet and beauty is simply unmatched. I worried about Theresa’s reaction to being completely out of touch – there is no cell phone service or internet. I wondered if she wouldn’t get bored or anxious. She surprised me; it was honestly the first time I think I’ve ever visibly seen her relax and settle in. It was a relieving sigh of disconnect ~ something I really think she needed with her busy and chaotic job. She even asked me questions like, how much I thought something like that camp cost because she wants something like that, too.

I think I fell in love with her even further after that ~ lol! Every time I have gone, I have felt like I could live there. In all honesty, I would not want to travel the long dirt road season after season, but I’d love something like that…just with a much shorter dirt road, for safety purposes. I also know we would need internet and a phone, realistically. But the overall quiet? Yes, that, please.

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This trip left me with a yearning and a wonder if I made the right decision by purchasing our home in Niskayuna.

On the one hand – YES – it was the right choice. We have a roomy and lovely home in a fabulous and safe neighborhood and the school district is awesome. It’s the best for the kids – not only for educational purposes, but also for the fact that they are being exposed to so many different kids, families and family structures, ethnicities (which is a different type of education). You can’t necessarily find that in a much smaller, country school. Also, their grandparents, great grandma – not to mention their dad – are all here local. Theresa has help when she needs it.

On the other hand – NO – because I yearn for a quieter life in a quieter place. Living in Niskayuna brought me to my job, which I love, but would leave in a heart beat if I could either work from home or move to the country that would make it uneconomical to commute. It brought us together as a family. It’s a convenient location to all the things we need (and some things we don’t – like Marshall’s!). So I know it really was the right choice but I can’t help but feel this longing for the country and what it represents to me. Who knows, maybe I am over-glorifying it but I have for funsies, this week, looked at real estate listings out in Vermont, where I ultimately want to be.

Not because we’re looking to move anytime soon. We both agree that it’s best that we stay where we are until the kids have graduated. But I’m dreamin’ pretty hard right now because of the quietude of camp.

Dreams are inspiring though. Dreams drive, motivate, give purpose.

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