What’s your greatest quality, in your opinion? A review of answers.

Yesterday, amidst the creeping feelings of stress and boredom, I asked my Facebook friends what they thought their greatest quality was.

Usually when you give people the opportunity to speak about themselves, they perk right up. I was sort of surprised that I didn’t have too many responses…which I probably could interpret as a response in itself.

Honest question: do we acknowledge what we like about ourselves as often as we acknowledge our flaws? That was the whole purpose of the question – let’s talk about the good things we see in ourselves instead of what we feel we could improve.

Some answers were their humor, perseverance, loyalty, honesty, love, compassion…one said their flexibility (which is a talent, not necessary a quality), another their ability to be a good friend (which I’m also not sure fits into here – but it’s an answer I’m still dissecting a day later). But my feelings about the answers really don’t matter; any emotion I have toward a given answer is shaped by my own perspective and doesn’t need to match the individual’s. S’all good.

It was just a neat thing to think about randomly throughout my day.

The jury is out on what I feel my greatest quality is. When asked in a private conversation, I said that it’s my ability to understand. (Bear with me as I try to explain this.) I find that instead of assuming that, when I have a conflict with a person, that it’s simply because they’re a jerk or whatever, I make excuses for them as to why they are behaving that way. I try to understand what could be going on in the background of that person’s life to make them the way that they are. I think people’s negative actions toward others doesn’t always reflect the actual situation that’s happening right there – often, it’s affected by the vibrations of all the other bullshit that’s buzzing around invisibly to everyone else but the person who’s acting out. I suppose I try to give the person the benefit of the doubt that maybe they aren’t a total and utter shit.

Another quality that I have that I feel is a good and strong one is perseverance/determination. I get shit done. Lately, though, I’ve felt like I haven’t been able to accomplish what I said I would. The thing is, I don’t feel good unless I’m consistently moving forward in some way. There are too many people in this world that talk a good game but actually produce nothing but smoke. Last night I stubbornly pushed through the evening and did the following:


I put labels on my jars of dried herbs! Now they look more profesh. 🙂 (Although they are not for sale. They are for personal use and gifting for the holidays.)

I also cleared off a big metal rack in my craft studio. The plan is to move it out of the studio and into another part of the basement so that it can hold the preserved foods I’ve done so far and will be doing over the next several months.

Those two tasks, the latter being a more time-consuming one, felt really amazing to accomplish on a weeknight. I struggle to get things done on weeknights ~ there’s just not enough time usually after work. I don’t usually get to touch my crafting projects until the weekends which is when people want to get together. This whole 40-hour work week thing is for the birds.


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