“The authentic self is the soul made visible” -Sarah Ban Breathnach

I had a couple of really good conversations yesterday with two different friends. To boil it all down to one sentiment, it would be “Is this it?”

As in – the routine of life we are all in, is this what life has to offer us? Or is there MORE out there?

I was then asked by one of them what makes my “soul sing” It’s a hard question because quickly thinking about it, it’s a lot of things!


But when I peeled away the layers and the bullshit, the answer is pretty simple: Create. Grow. Pick. Those three things can be used in many different contexts.

I find great joy in making things. All kinds of things – not just my glassware. I like making all sorts of crafts; I like canning veggies and whatnot from my garden. I like making household cleaners out of natural ingredients. I like creating an entirely new outfit from pieces and parts of things I already have.

I love to grow things, whether it’s my garden, a blog, an authentic social media following, the relationships with those around me, or my knowledge on a subject.

Picking is simply reaping the reward of hard work; a job well done; or the ability to choose for yourself. Who doesn’t like any of that?!

If we can get real with ourselves and what we want – “What makes my soul sing?”  – perhaps we can achieve greater success and peace in our lives.

Last night, after reflecting on these conversations, I was left wondering how I can channel this energy – this restless, yearning-for-more energy – and direct it toward something that can achieve a result. I don’t have the answer to that yet but I will say that I feel rejuvenated and inspired this morning. There’s something about connecting with those around you and having them challenge what you think you know.

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