Well, that didn’t turn out as planned…Project Failure!





These bottles have been difficult between the paint not adhering properly, the wax clumping and pulling paint off, and then to some sort of oil spots showing through it…It’s a bit of disappointment because this set would really be something to be proud of. I loved the contrast between the black pleather guitar shape and the paint and fabric.

Here’s what I learned though – and it’s a very basic thing: Your projects are only as good as the materials used. In this case, I think the turquoise acrylic paint is past its prime and needs to be discarded. I’ve never before had an issue with this paint sticking to glassware until now. I’ve collected a lot of paint over the years and it’s time to give it a good inspection to see what needs replacing.

So while this project is a failure, I plan on salvaging what I can of the design and re-creating it on new bottles with new paint. It’s not really a failure; it’s just a cause for a re-do. Glassware is forgiving. I can scrub these clean and start over relatively easily.

I also learned something else: It’s important to have a few projects going at once so that momentum isn’t totally stopped up once a project goes down the toilet. Because my projects have many stages to them, I need to have at least 3 in progress in order to make the most use of my time to not totally hault productivity. I was hoping to have these bottles in shape to add to my Etsy shop this weekend but that is not in the cards. So now I am unsure about what, if anything, I’ll be able to put up in my shop to keep it fresh.

Can’t rush the process.


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