Oh, July – You are so good

We’re halfway through the month and over halfway done with 2019. I’d like to acknowledge to every adult who told me that the years would fly by after high school…you’re right. You’re so right. It never feels like there’s enough time to do all the things I want and need to do.

But, I’m checking in on my goal of clearing things out this month.







I had a yard sale on July 5th and got rid of a bunch of things. I was left with a ton of clothing and kids stuff, however, and that’s taking me some time to get through. I’ve been taking photos and bringing bags to the donation bin at a local church. Since then I’ve gotten rid of the equivalent of, what I’d guess would be, about 3 or 4 garbage bags worth of items. Larger items that didn’t go went by the curb and, living on Balltown Road as I do, they were picked up pretty rapidly by some very nice people.

It just feels fabulous to be clearing out some space. It’s so freeing.

I am mostly done with the clothing/accessory part of things. I still have a lot of other items (crafts, gifts, kids’ toys) that I need to find new homes for. The toy part is difficult because the Salvation Army stores around us are just not taking them; they’re overrun. It’s disappointing because I can’t help but think there has to be a kid, somewhere, who would love the toys that our kids have outgrown.

I’m open to suggestions for toy donations, if anyone has them!

So, this project is my sole focus, but I’ve still been doing some creating. Today, I listed a new item in my Etsy Shop ~ HERE


AND I updated/revised all of my listings to accommodate for free shipping. I received an e-mail notification sent out by the CEO of Etsy that they are giving priority advertising to items that have free shipping. So I best get with the times – people don’t want to dink around with extra shipping charges; they want it all buttoned up into one price. I get it; I’m the same way.

I am also working on turquoise guitar-themed bottles but they are giving me trouble. What was supposed to be a set of 3 has become a set of 2. This set will be a labor of love, I tell you. I’ve had paint trouble, some sort of grease showing through the paint of a bottle, to chipping…projects do not always go as planned as I’m working on them. It’s my goal to have them perfect and finished by next weekend so they can be listed.

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