Work isn’t life…yet…we spend so much time thinking and worrying about it.

The thought of coming into work lately has been causing me anxiety. I feel a bit guilty admitting that because my job is great – the work itself and the environment; there’s zero reason for me to be unsatisfied. But, since returning from my honeymoon, I’ve been churning over what’s important in life and what I’m doing to make a difference. (This is what I do – I’m prone to frequent existential crises.)

Others around me have different reasons for their work anxieties – excessive work stress, terrible work environments, unreasonable goals, long hours, no recognition, general job burn out…


I think I lead a pretty balanced life between work and home. Returning to office life has allowed me to focus more on my family and my hobbies – life outside of work. I don’t talk much about being a paralegal in my spare time. My spare time is just that my time – and I don’t want to cloud up that time with thoughts or conversations about work, if I can help it. I’m usually too busy thinking about crafting, gardening, animals, family, reading, laying in the hammock…not necessarily in that order.


My latest addition to my Etsy Shop (can be found HERE).

So why have I been going to bed at night, wishing that I was independently wealthy and able to stay home every day? Because I’m a non-stop dreamer. It’s what I do.

Too many people are working at places they hate because it pays the bills that the stress leaks into their personal lives. Tainting it. Changing it. Sometimes ruining it. Work, career…it’s a part of life but it’s not everything. The balance is out of whack.

Although I’ve had people scoff at me for saying this, but my opinion is that people are not meant to work 40+ hours a week outside the home. It leaves such little time for doing the things that really matter in life – the things that are productive to ourselves, physically and mentally. No wonder so many people (sometimes me, too) are completely overwhelmed; we have families, homes to maintain, obligations, chores…the basic necessities of eating healthy and resting can easily take a back seat when those BASIC THINGS allow us to function well. When did this all happen?

I feel like I need to tie this blog up with some advice or something…not just leave it with a question. I’m not an expert on anything, but here’s my 2 cents when it comes to promoting a healthier work/life balance:

  • Find a job that you like. One that you can leave from and shut off from when you aren’t there. It may take you some time but don’t be afraid to get in the driver’s seat of your life.
  • Live within your means. If your monthly output is $5,000 and you’re only making $3,000…need I say more? Review what you’re spending your money on and see where you can make some changes.
  • Treat yourself with respect. You work hard – don’t treat yourself like garbage. You can’t help others effectively and to your full potential if you are neglectful of yourself.
  • Start a vegetable garden, whether it’s in the ground or in pots. It’s a rewarding hobby that saves some cash and promotes healthier eating.
  • Create more. Whatever that means to you – drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, dancing…I think we are all more creative than we give ourselves credit for and spend too much time comparing our creativity with someone else’s. There’s room for us all to shine at something.
  • REST – it’s okay to not be productive 100% of the time.


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