Expanding my social media presence

As many of you may have already read, I’m a bit jaded when it comes to social media. I think instead of uniting us it can separate us from reality. I see too many people just scrolling their lives away when they could be present in the moments surrounding them.

However, it seems like a necessary evil (?) or risk (?) in order to BE SEEN to market products for sale.

So, I started a Facebook page specifically for my Weird Glass Art Studio. You can find it HERE.  By liking my page and interacting with it (commenting, sharing posts that interest you, etc.), you’ll be helping me get my name out there. Thank you, if you choose to opt in and help a sista crafter out!

Other social media links:



Regarding my goal for July of decluttering – two items are leaving the building (a/k/a my house) as of today! A dress and a pair of shoes. Although it’s no way near the volume I need it to be at for the end of July but I have a feeling that the tag sale I’m going to have will be the biggest help to get rid of things – as well as the inevitable donations thereafter. I am looking forward to clearing out some space!






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