Sometimes it’s hard to say “thank you”

…because “thank you” isn’t always enough!

I had a friend and co-worker come to our wedding and she sang “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran for us, which was a complete surprise for Theresa. It isn’t often that I can surprise her successfully. I felt like a sneaky superstar NINJA!

Although I offered to pay Beth for the favor, she insisted she didn’t want any money from me. So how do I say thank you with more than just saying “Thank you”?

Beth has been a musician for a long time. It’s her art. My thank you to her is by giving her my art, inspired by her, and it turned out more funky and fun than I imagined!

The pictures are looking a bit dark to me, but I’m sitting outside as I write this. I hope they are coming across a bit brighter to you, reader, on the other side. Having the time to sit on my patio for a bit today and write is a fabulous thing.  EDIT: pics updated; they were dark!

Materials used: Glass jar, corduroy fabric, twine, purple fabric, mesh, acrylic paint, spray paint and sealer, Mod Podge for texture, podgeable paper – musical note themed, black faux gemstones for the center of the purple flowers.

It was done over this weekend in stages (and it is currently drying).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The various materials give it a very eclectic look; I’d see something like this in someone’s house and would have to ask about it.

I won’t lie and say I’m not nervous about giving this to her a teeny tiny bit. People’s tastes are different and what people consider art is, also. But I feel this piece, while inspired by her, is also reflective of me as a person…and that’s really all I can strive for. Authenticity. Uniqueness. Love.

I also have another “thank you” gift in the works, but the theme behind it is eluding me a bit. It was easy with Beth, as she plays guitar. This other gift doesn’t feel as…easy? The inspiration will hit me and it’ll be perfect, I just have to be patient.

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