I’m ready to begin setting some goals again – finally :)

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve felt like I’m in a place to set a goal for myself. I have just been trying to keep positive, keep a normal life/routine, all while attempting to limit the amount of stress in my life. But now that things seem relatively calm at the moment (wedding/cruise is over, my Mom appears to be doing well with her chemo thus far, school’s out and sports are over), I feel ready to begin setting some goals for July.

My biggest goal for July is DECLUTTERING.


I’ve been selling on Mercari and eBay BUT my big goal is to not take any of it into August. I am going to have a yard sale either this weekend or in two weeks and hope that most of it goes, all while continuing to upload items online for extra exposure. We have this corner of the basement that has collecting items that are meant for a sale and it keeps growing…faster than I can move it online. It feels futile and I am tired of the seemingly endless task weighing me down in the back of my head.

Anything that’s left over is getting donated. That’s all there is to it. I have to move on.

As for my Weird Glass Art Studio – I have fabulous news with that – I was accepted into the craft fair at the Niskayuna High School in October! I am super psyched about that as I attended last year as a customer and it was packed with people. It will be a great opportunity to get my name out there. Although it’s months away from now, I will have plenty of time to prepare and continue to try new methods on my glassware without feeling stressed about it.

(View my Etsy shop HERE) 

I also opened a shop on Shop Handmade’s website, but I am unsure if that’s the avenue I really want to pursue. I’d rather have my own website and that will take some time for me to build. That may not happen in July so I am just going to plug away on my Etsy and begin setting up a separate Facebook fan page for it.

So that’s it for me in July – I think those two tasks, one of them being a BIG one – is enough for now.


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