And now I’m a married woman with a week-long cruise behind me!

After having a wedding and cruise countdown going in Theresa’s phone for a year now…we blinked and it is all in the past now. Did all that fun and relaxation really happen?


It did! And fabulously 🙂

My now-wife looked more beautiful on our wedding day than I have ever seen her. The rain held out until after our ceremony and pictures. We kept the ceremony extremely small and it was right in our yard. What better way to christen our home together than with a marriage?

I did not take a ton of photos of our vacation – Theresa took way more than I did! Plus, she had the waterproof camera at her disposal so she got some great shots of our snorkeling trip on Cococay in the Bahamas.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There’s a little slideshow of some of the shots I took. Our cruise ship took us first to Bermuda and then to two islands on the Bahamas. The shots of the beach is from Bermuda; the pictures do not show it well but the sand was a pale pink and it was super soft to walk on.

I think our favorite part of Bermuda was taking a scooter around the island. If we had known we could reach the beach so easily ourselves, we would’ve saved ourselves the time and money by getting on a shuttle bus with the rest of ’em and heading to the other side of the island. It was fun cruising around on the scooters ~ I opted to be just a passenger so I could relax and look around.

Every night we had reservations at a more formal dining room and it was nice to get dressed up and eat delicious foods. The rest of the time we ate at the buffet and it was nice to get away from the feeding trough at least once a day.

I couldn’t help but realize how nice everyone was on the crew. The service was excellent and it really made me see how much we lack basic kindness, courtesy, and customer service in our every day lives. We seriously had to pay for a cruise to have people willing to help us if we needed it? To have people remember our names and treat us as if we are more than a number or just an annoyance?


I also discovered on this trip that I am more like my father than I realize. I wanted to know everything (and did not have the internet to Google it). How many people are on this boat? How much staff? How does the staffing work here? How quickly does this boat, upon disembarkment, set off on another adventure? How much food do they have to pack for everyone? How do they know how much to pack?

Some answers I was able to find out on the boat by asking questions, others I had to Google when I got back to the U.S. Fun fact: 2,000 lbs of potatoes were peeled every single day on our cruise.

Both my cha cha and I were ready to come home. Vacation is well and good and we had a chance to unwind. (I did so much reading; it was lovely!) Real life awaited – kids, animals, projects. So while it was a bittersweet feeling to walk away from the cruise ship, it was also like yes. 

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