Big changes are coming!

First and foremost…the day after tomorrow I will be MARRIED!

It’s wonderful to be living my truth after so many years or trying to make things work with men, thinking there was something wrong with me ~

Turns out my ex-husband was right. I’m into chicks. One chick in particular, my future wife.


Over the weekend, I made our bouquets. This is the one she will be carrying. Mine is the same except for the center succulent – mine is grey. I love the idea of having bouquets we can keep forever. I still have mine from my first marriage because my sister made it for me. When I moved from Malta to Niskayuna, I remember bringing my bouquet to the office so it wouldn’t be damaged moving. That’s how special it is to me.

That’s big change #1 – I’m ending this week as a married woman!

Big change #2 – While I told myself I’d get through 2019 and give Etsy my best shot, I am going to begin veering away from it for either Shop Handmade OR…better yet…my own website. Ultimately I’d prefer having my own website but I may do both for visibility purposes.

I am really disappointed in Etsy and how there are blatant re-sellers on there who are misleading customers by stating their items are handmade by them. I am also discouraged that despite the amount of work I’ve put in between researching SEOs and changing them up semi-often that traffic isn’t being driven in to my shop as a result. I think it’s just too hard to be seen in unless you already have a massive following and deep pockets to pay for ads.


I’ve been working hard and I’m just not happy with the results so far. I also don’t have the time or desire to be chained to my computer or phone for advertising on social media and constant monitoring.

Can’t shame a girl for wanting to make crafts, sell crafts, and have a life.

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