Our little veggie patch :)

The garden space itself looks HUGE compared to the small plants that are in there right now. It’ll be interesting to see the difference once things are fruiting and I’ve added a second layer of things like sugar snap peas, green beans, and lettuce. I would like to have those three veggies all season long, if possible.


One of my several cucumber plants. This is the only one I started from seed.


Dill that came back from last year! Dill really likes my garden.


Zucchini plant started from seed.


Tomato plant started from seed (Roma or Cherry – I don’t remember which row I took this pic in)


Sugar Snap Pea



There’s something about baby lettuce – it’s just so darned adorable as it grows. I have a lot growing in this row and I have space for another row to be planted next to it.

A little at a time, I’m working with the soil to break down the clumps of turf. The soil is very good, just chunky.

It’s still my goal to become more self-sufficient with gardening and each year, I learn more about what it takes. It’s fascinating to me and makes me really appreciate how much work goes into all of the produce that we can so easily pick up at the grocery store. What goes into successfully growing just one cabbage plant was something I learned last year. The worms that get into them and how much effort it is to keep them off of there…it was a lot of work! But I’m prepared for it this year with some new tricks up my sleeve.

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