Over-peopled: Even when we are alone.


A segment of the morning radio show I enjoy talked about the types of people you can’t hit “unfollow” or “unfriend” on social media fast enough.

But what does that have to do with the meme? I’ll get there. Hold on.

One of my favorite points about the segment wasn’t the all-too-relatable types of people, but the statement that people are just so over-peopled that we are passing by each other numb to them. A “get out of my way, I have to be somewhere” mentality that is much like walking around in NYC. Others aren’t being seen as people – but as obstacles. Something to get around. Something to get by. Something to pass. An annoyance – mild, moderate or severe.

So we’re all on social media, right? Scrolling through my Facebook feed can sometimes cause me anxiety. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with this person’s apparently perfect life, that person’s ridiculous political leanings, frustrated with cookie-cutter sales pitches, feeling like we may be living life wrong given what someone says online. It’s peopling. Sitting in a room alone on social media is still peopling. No wonder why so many of us are spent, overdone, exhausted, and lacking self-confidence. Are we really taking a break?

The fabulous thing about social media is not only is it completely voluntary to be a part of, if you do choose to be a part of it, you can choose who you are giving your attention to. Is your feed negative? Is your feed something that helps to nurture your soul? Or is it full of people judging one another when they’re standing in a bucket of shit themselves? For real though – people slang their useless opinions and advice around all over when they don’t even have their shit together themselves. And if this is overwhelming, you can opt out of that nonsense and pay it no mind.

We shouldn’t be constantly peopled. We do need to get away from each other once in a while. Sometimes, we just need to be reminded that we have the power to limit what influences us and our mental state.

On a personal note, I went through my “follow” list on Instagram and removed about 150-200 people. That felt amazing because, no offense to these people, but they weren’t adding to my life in any sort of significant way. They weren’t inspiring to me; they weren’t some kind of authority on anything relevant to my life, and some of them were just downright ignorant about the content they were tossin’ out there for the world to see. It amazes me how some people are so willing to take advice from complete strangers and even people they would never trade places with. I mean, would you take relationship advice from someone who is in a rotten relationship? Financial advice from someone eyeballs deep in debt? I suppose if you are looking for what not to do…

Either way. It’s a beautiful thing to remember that you are in charge of what you pay attention to. In order to progress forward, sometimes we have to re-evaluate what we are surrounding ourselves with and decide – is this where I want to be? Is this going to get me to where I want to be?

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