June Goals ~ Enjoying Life

It has been a couple of months since I set clear goals and then updated my blog as to my progress. The past couple of months, if you’ve been following along, have been hard for me to really set those goals due to everything else that has been going on. My overall goal was simply to maintain some sort of sanity and positive self-care; trying to keep life as normal as possible.


I can’t say I’ve overall been successful. Earlier this month when my mother’s second surgery didn’t go as planned, the weeks that followed were extremely tough on me. Suddenly I was not handling things well; I was so frustrated, angry, exhausted, snippy ~ thinking I was one more bad moment away from fully losing my mind. There was no pivotal point for me returning from that dark place…I just realized I was super unhappy and I had to focus on the brighter, happier things in life. “Fake it ’til you make it”, so to speak. It’s funny how much it really does help me.

Last week was my first week of “faking it”. I came to work and talked more to co-workers. I went roller-skating twice on the bike path during my lunch break. I went for a bike ride. I relaxed. My spirits began to lift. Not every moment is perfect but life feels much more manageable – much of life really is about one’s attitude.

My goal for June (and beyond) is to keep working on my attitude and doing things that bring me joy and peace.

Getting out into the fresh air and being active.



Stopping along the way to take pictures and bask in the beauty around me.

Snuggling with my loved ones ~



Enjoying my garden – nurturing it and watching it grow!


I was recently all in a panic, crying to my parents on the phone about how I likely wouldn’t get a garden in this year with everything that’s going on…and then I got my big girl britches back on and realized I can do it. Actually, it’s important for me to do it because I love fiddling around in my garden, growing things. I spent a lot of time nurturing all that you see from seed (granted, the picture isn’t great at showing that). Starting my own plants from seeds is brand new for me – I would usually pick up my tomatoes, zucchini, and cucumber plants at Lowes. While I did have to pick up some cucumbers as all of mine did not make it (only 1 of the bunch did), everything else I did. I’m proud of that and I can’t wait to see what happens with everything this year now that the big tree in our backyard is gone.

Sales? I’m still weeding through things. Crafts have taken a temporary backseat as I try different things (I’m currently working toward weaving a rug out of recycled fabric), and work on wedding decorations (in exactly two weeks, I’ll be a married woman!). So I’m still crafting, but for me – not at the moment though for my Etsy shop.

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