There was a time I felt invincible.


Or maybe I’m romanticizing the past. That does happen sometimes.

But I remember feeling like I could do anything, handle everything that came my way, tackle all the problems and come out on top. I realized the other day that somewhere along the past few years I lost that feeling. Sitting in the passenger side of Theresa’s car on my way to a doctor’s appointment I really didn’t want to go to – I realized that I had allowed myself to sink under the weight of life.  I have been feeling so negative about everything – I haven’t felt this poisonous since early adulthood.

The truth is – I am handling everything that is coming my direction. It may not always be with grace, but I’m human.

I do “got this”.

Life is beautiful – even in between the lines of stress and frustration. I can’t let myself forget that again. This is my life and I am not in charge of everything that happens in it, but I can be in charge of my attitude and outlook on it.

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