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Yay – my third Etsy sale!

Despite the fact that I spent the weekend on various projects (see my prior post HERE), I had this nagging, frustrated feeling Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully I woke up Monday and noticed that the feeling had left the building…but I don’t know what had gotten into me. There was a lot of sighing, eye rolling, and telling Adam to lay down and to stop following me everywhere (legit, I tripped over him all day).

I also made my third sale on Etsy!


The long-stem champagne flutes! This lifted my spirits up on Sunday as I was struggling to rescreen a window. This was probably the simpliest project I took on recently and I’m happy that these former Salvation Army finds are on their way to a new home for new memories to be made. Comparing other prices of celebratory champagne flutes on Etsy, these were a screamin’ deal at $20.

Now I am staring in the fact of a craft show on 5/18, realizing that I need to create more items, consider filing a d/b/a in my home county, and get an EIN so I can start keeping track of my sales tax so I’m not caught with my pants down next year, come tax time. I want to be “legit” – that way I can claim my expenses, claim part of my household for the business, etc. All the things. Even though I’m limping along now as I begin, now’s the time to get that shit organized so that I can grow without stressing about how to keep myself and the funds organized.

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Saturday’s feel-goods (pic heavy)

I woke early today to the relaxing sounds of Poopie screaming. One could argue that I started off my Saturday a bit on edge because of that. Besides that, since I had big plans for this weekend, I got up and got started.

Today felt like more than a breath of spring; it felt like the first day of summer. It was just over 70 degrees and sunny here in Upstate New York. I bagged 10 leaf bags and hung out my laundry to dry before noontime…the sun kissed me a little bit!


One of my favorite things of warmer weather is hanging out my laundry. There’s nothing like the smell of the outdoors on my clothes. I like to think I’m single-handedly saving the planet one wash at a time – when, really, this small contribution doesn’t amount to much, but it certainly saves my laundry from the “chewing” of machines.

It’s all about the little things every day that make you feel good.


For me, the feel-goodness came from the amazing weather and knowing I was using my day wisely.

Now if I could kick the anxiety I’ve had all day, that’d be great. It may have been exacerbated by the ice coffee Leah gave me (no regrets, Leah, that coffee was DELISH!), but I’ve just been a bit frustrated for most of my day when I let my brain wander on its own and away from the present. I was tripping over Adam all day, Poopie was screaming much of the day no matter what I did…I was thinking about work, money, my family, and all sorts of imaginary scenarios and interactions. My phone was ringing, notifications were pinging…it’s like, here we are, having a beautiful day, but it seemed like people were spending it on their phones. Then, of course, I was thinking about how there’s so much of that in today’s society – the cell phone staring and social media obsessing…and there goes my brain down the rabbit hole again.

Trust me when I say that I’m likely not overall any better at disconnecting than the next person. I mean I’m here blogging, aren’t I?

So after I wore my new favorite dress, I changed into another set of work clothes and began working on the spare bedroom project. Scraping the remaining glue from the wallpaper border was a lot easier than I thought!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The first picture (the one of the room with the yellow plastic in the center) is the beginning point. The Piranha spray made this project VERY easy. While Theresa and I together went back through with wipes to pick up the remaining glue residue that the scraper was too large to handle, it really went a lot smoother than I expected. I mean, check out that “after” picture of the room (the picture that does not have the yellow bag in it)!

[Of note, it was super encouraging to see the difference in the backs of my legs from the spin classes we’ve been taking. HECK YES to the beginning of a difference between my hamstrings and glutes!]

I also removed this mirror and although it’s a cheapie and Theresa is like, “let’s just get a new, nicer one!” I am going to bring it down to my craft room and play with it. If I can’t get it to look nice, well, a mirror like this is only about $10 at your local Walmart anyhow. But I want to see if I can’t classy it up a bit so it can be reused.


Mirror? You’re coming DOWN, son!

I’m mildly amused that this spare bedroom will be done before even my own bedroom is. Luck of the draw, I suppose! But this room will take the least amount of work to become pretty again. Our room is still undergoing closet construction.

So, tomorrow, it’s supposed to rain. It’ll be the perfect day to clean the moldings and windows and prime the walls for their ultimate color – a sunny, but subdued, yellow. Here’s to hoping that I wake up with less anxiety and general uneasiness.


But every song is like gold teeth, Grey Goose…

Royals by Lorde is stuck right into my brain this morning.  And we don’t care – we are caught up in the love affair…

To touch base on goals, it’s almost the middle of April and I’ve made zero sales this month so far. Not for lack of trying – but I won’t lie – it’s not like I’ve been “on it” every single day like I have been in, say, January or February. Life’s gotten too busy and I’ve done what I could with regard to Pinterest and Etsy. I still refuse to plug the shit out of my Etsy shop on my Facebook because I not only dislike Facebook, but when I do go on, I know I also dislike the feeling of being constantly “sold” something. I don’t want to be that person and add to the garbage.

Not saying that down the line I won’t have a Facebook business page for my Etsy shop, but honestly that’s not something I’m seriously considering at this point, given my adversion to Facebook in general. I have a craft show coming up in May and I’m happy with the opportunity to get my shop’s name out in a more organic and natural setting.

Instead of stressing about how little things seem to be growing in that direction, this weekend I am going to put myself to work on the spare bedroom and in my yard.

The spare bedroom’s current status is dismal:


This room hasn’t really been used to anything definitive since we moved in last year. It was kind of a “catch all” and now, given my parents’ situation, I really want to make it a priority to make it a livable, happy room in case it is needed.

So my goal this weekend is to get the wallpaper border remnants scraped off and the room primed and ready for painting!

I also want to spruce up this ceiling fan:


Nothing is wrong with the fan, but similar to the light fixtures in the bathroom referenced in THIS POST, it’s just dated. I haven’t decided on what colors I’m going to use, but I can say the gold accents have got to GO. Maybe I’ll spray the metal a matte silver or a matte oil-rubbed bronze (because you know I love that) and just clean the fan so it’s bright and clean. The glass shades – again, unsure what I’ll do with them – but why toss anything if it can just be cleaned up or re-painted?

Anyway, this will keep me busy, as will raking my yard and getting my greenhouse plants outside for the day to enjoy the sunshine, warm weather, and wind. I expect to go to sleep dog-tired every night, more so than usual.


“Making Do” with dated light fixtures

“Make do” – manage with the limited or inadequate means available.

Growing up without a lot of money meant that I saw my parents use, re-use, and make do with what we had. This is why I am such a compulsive crafter and innovator; whether we were short on money or time, we always managed to make the most out of what we had available.

I’ve been a bit preoccupied and in a small creative slump. I’ve been kicking around different blogging ideas and I came to a realization: I’m missing two things. One is confidence; somewhere along the line some of my confidence has wandered off. Hopefully she’s at the beach enjoying the ocean but I really could use her back here in rainy upstate NY. The other is thing I’m missing is right here in front of me – it’s all the shit I do everyday. It’s making do. That’s what I can write about.

I’m going to start writing more about what I know and what I actually do every day. I think once I get going with that, Confidence will come back from her vacation and once again take residency with me. People post about living bigger than what you currently are – dream bigger, do more, etc. While it’s great to dream as big as possible, I don’t want to overlook honoring who I am now and where I am now.  I am not a celebrity with endorsements, I don’t get paid to blog; shit, I barely get paid for the crafts I create (lol – #strugglebus on Etsy). I’m not here to necessarily motivate or inspire anyone. I’m just a normal chick living in suburbia.

I’m going to start with a project I did last summer because it was relatively easy and is a good beginner project for someone who is an aspiring DIY-er. If you’re afraid to mess something up, a small task like this is perfect because it is inexpensive and forgiving.

Theresa and I wanted to upgrade our downstairs bathroom. The focus is the extremely dated light fixtures.

56563226_373763329882824_6978081151617335296_n (1)

The picture on the left is the original light. Brushed faded gold base, curved glass bulb with what looks to be a frosted grape design. The shape of the fixtures and their condition was still very good – I have a hard time warranting tossing or replacing something if it is still usable. This is why I opted to change their appearance as opposed to replace – a/k/a “make do”.

You can find these fixtures still at your local Lowes or Home Depot for about $10 a piece, so if you were to try this and mess it up, you aren’t wasting a ton of money.


These are the materials I used to create the look of the light fixture on the right (the only thing that is missing is a clear coat spray sealer). I am in love with the look of oil rubbed bronze – there is a lot of that around my house now. It’s rich, it’s understated, it’s classy.

I removed the light fixtures, removed the glass and the bulb, and sprayed the gold parts (including the bolts) with the oil rubbed bronze spray paint. I really love the Rust-oleum spray because the nozzles aren’t super concentrated; it has a really nice, even spray to it. After they dried and I made sure the paint was even, I sprayed them with a clear coat.

So, the glass. I really have no idea who thought frosted grapes would be an amazing design but the fact that you can still find them now tells me that someone disagrees with me. I bought the silver metallic paint by Craft Smart at Michael’s and, after washing the glass and letting it dry thoroughly, I used the foam brush and sponged it on. I did not “paint” or “wipe” – I dabbed it on like the sponge it is. After putting a layer on, I brought it to well-lit window to see if I had any uneven spots and then I dabbed some more. This also got a spray of clear coat sealer because the last thing I want to see is a scratch should it comes in contact with something.

Why did I dab it on instead of painting or spraying? The frosted decoration on the glass had a texture to it. If I had sprayed something overtop of it or simply painted it, the texture would have come through. By dabbing/sponging the paint on, I created another texture that I could take evenly through the entire glass bulb. I hid it and you can’t tell what the original design even was.

Reassemble and TA-DA ~ cheap lights looking all sorts of stylish and classy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(I also sprayed the mirror with the oil rubbed bronze.)

I really love small projects like this because it’s just so cool to see what can be done with what I already have with just some paint and some time. That’s making do instead of throwing out and buying new.

To see my other glass projects, visit my Etsy Shop HERE – Weird Glass Art Studio.

Too busy to shave my legs – what?


I realized this week when I [almost] showed up to work with furry gams that I couldn’t remember the last time I had taken a shower that wasn’t rushed. One where I felt like I had time to shave all the things. It’s kind of sad for me to realize that life has allowed me to gloss over the basic things I normally do to take care of myself.

I think that it’s understandable, given the health concerns/scares my parents have been facing lately, coupled with projects that Theresa and I have planned, kid things, and work picking up. I don’t want to feel so busy – too busy to shave my damned legs.

Yet, in this whole “I don’t want to be so busy!” mindset, I solidified plans to hit up cycling classes with Theresa and a hot yoga class on my own. Exercise is crucial for me to manage my stress levels and while it makes my weeknights shorter, I know I needed it. Life is not going to carry me away from being healthy and giving myself the self-care I need, if I can help it.

Saying “no” to things can be an act of self-care. I have been saying no to some activities/plans and will likely continue to do so until I feel differently. I don’t need a crowded social schedule. I can be a hermit or be more go-with-the-flow on the weekends. I don’t have to respond to every message from people I haven’t spoken with in years. I don’t owe anyone a smile, a hello, a conversation or an explanation.

I am also not as on fire about my personal goals as I have been in the prior months. I didn’t really set much in the way of goals for April anyway. I just want to chill and do what I feel like doing – whatever that is! I don’t want to focus on BUILDING, achieving, succeeding…I want to take care of what’s going on right in front of me. I want to dig deeper, not wider and I want to find and realize the pleasure in the smaller things in life. A raked up yard. A sunny, warm spring day. A morning where I can sleep in and not have to rush anywhere. A nap with my dog. A funny joke. A loving look in the eyes of a family member.

Happy Friday, everyone!






April, I’m not ready for you.

I woke up this morning and realized that I was not prepared for April. Goals? What goals? My GOAL is to, over the next couple of days as I get more rest and try to rejuvenate myself, to actually come up with goals for April.

Last month’s mantra was BALANCE ~ and while I didn’t take the 2 hot yoga classes per week I said I wanted to do, I did get into cycling classes with Theresa and enjoy the hours of riding in the dark with music pumping. If you get the right instructor, you get the right music and it’s easy to just time your rpms with the tunes and zone right out.

I also think I did very well with my food waste – at least, being more conscious of it. Was I able to stop it completely? No. But I was more apt to pack the random tidbits of food into my lunch for work so they wouldn’t sit lonely in the fridge. Being mindful of something can be the beginning of actually taking the steps to handle it.

Sales? I have to laugh. March was so dismal (and, to be fair, it seemed that way for a lot of independent online sellers) that I made it to $36.55 out of my $100.00 goal. I am proud though to have a budding relationship with another online seller where we may collaborate long-term, if we can make it work. That actually will be my goal this month – to foster and develop that relationship. That can lead for more sales for the both of us.

This is what she purchased from me as a sort of tester ~


See what else I have in my shop HERE.

In my calendar book, April’s quote is “A positive attitude leads to positive outcomes.” Maybe this month’s mantra is meant to be “STAY POSITIVE” because there is a lot of shittiness in my life at the moment. March ended with a BANG ~ my dad was admitted to Albany med for blood clots in his legs and lungs. He’s lucky to be alive. Today will determine when he can go home, as in, can he get up and walk on his own? The pain in his legs have been unbearable, he says, and with my mom also not well, he needs to be able to be mobile on his own with assistance of a walker or a cane until he is stronger again. I’m entering April feeling like 2019 is trying to take away the people I love.

So, I need to work on my positive thinking and continue to do the things I need to do to maintain a balance in my life because, if I don’t, I can’t be of help to my family during these troubled times.

You know what? Maybe I’m ready to set my goals now.

  • Keeping my sales goal the same at $100;
  • Staying positive;
  • Working on building a relationship with the succulent Etsy seller;
  • I made business postcards – now I just have to print them (I’m ahead of the game on that one, having designed them last week! That was actually an idea of a goal for April); and
  • Focusing on my greenhouse garden. I had to transplant a few things this weekend and I need to continue to plant and fostering their growth for a kick-ass outdoor garden this year.