Sauce jars turned funky vases!

If you’ve wanted to try your hand at painting and crafting, working with glass is super forgiving. If you don’t like the end result – take it apart and start over. Repaint. Scrape. Try again.

There’s also a ton of glass around. Take a look at what’s in your pantry. Jars of sauce? Cool! Once you’ve used the sauce, thoroughly washed out the glass, scraped the labels off…get to work!

Here’s my latest creation with two recycled sauce jars – turquoise vases!


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These take more time than money to create, between layers of paint and waiting for them to dry, spraying to seal the acrylic paint, the addition of the burlap ribbon, each individual fabric flower, the twine, and then the little gemstones I added to the center of the flowers. But hey, if you have a rainy weekend coming up and want to test out your craftiness, using the materials you have around you at your disposal and flexing your creative muscles is a great way to pass the time! The key here is to take your time – don’t rush the process. I find crafting to be a bit like meditation ~ relax into it, don’t rush it, don’t think too much about it.

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