4 seconds into Monday and I want to be done.

The only reason why I didn’t call into work today was because I had an appointment to drop off my car at the dealership this morning at 8 a.m. I really could have used another day to work on painting the spare bedroom.

Lemme tell ya…today already feels like defeat.


I sold an extra pair of boxing gloves on Mercari, so I went to my craft room to print off a label…to find out the cat puked twice on the rug. We are in the process of putting a door up for this exact reason. God knows why, but Kitty chooses to puke THERE.

Then I couldn’t find my yoga mat. Then I realized I may not even be able to make it TO yoga because of my car being in the shop…

I purchased a maintenance package and, apparently, there’s a $100 deductible every time I need a diagnostic on something that’s wrong. So, for instance, today it was brought in because of my airbag sensor and my front passenger seat belt sensor. I was thinking it’d be covered entirely in the maintenance package monthly fee and I was wrong. $100 – nice knowing you. I mean, I’m grateful that last week I did super well with sales. I sold a paddle board for $175 and miscellaneous things on Mercari. It just sucks to feel like I’ve been trying pretty hard to get things done with as much financial responsibility as possible and every which way, there’s a hand out for something.


The good in today is that it’s quiet at work; many people are out for a long Easter weekend. I had a nice, fuzzy interaction with a client first thing today. It’s a beautiful, sunny day outside. Knowing I got more done in the spare bedroom than I originally anticipated makes me feel accomplished AF and ahead of the game. It’s just a bumpy day.




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