Making Do ~ Progress on Spare Bedroom Update

I am feeling a bit torn about priorities.

On one hand, finishing this bedroom is important to me because I want it to be ready should someone(s) need to stay in it.

On the other hand, in just shy of one month, I have a craft show that I plan on attending with my Weird Glass Art Studio stuff and I’m wondering if I have enough to bring.

So I’m going to try my best and split my weekend up 50/50, so each project gets some love. Neither project is the type that can be rushed and I don’t want to rush them – these are projects I really enjoy doing.

When it comes to the bedroom, this is where we are currently:

The left side is this morning, the right was Sunday after the wallpaper border scrape.

The left side has been primed or painted. What you are seeing is Theresa’s  effort to create smooth walls with spackling without the need to re-sheetrock the entire room. She used this method for our downstairs bathroom. Yes, it has to be sanded (which is easy – just messy!), but afterwards it’ll be ready to paint the color I want it to be! Opting to spackle and smooth out uneven walls and minor cracks – opting to repair as opposed to replace – saves us a lot time and money and will create the beautiful result I’m looking forward to seeing.

This weekend’s spare bedroom goal is to remove the ceiling fan, sand, paint the ceiling white, and to buy the “champagne tickle”-colored paint I chose.

This weekend’s craft-show prep goal is to inventory what I have so far to bring and evaluate it honestly- how much more do I really need to create? Then I decide how much I really can add to my inventory for the show without compromising my own creativity and sanity.


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