Yay – my third Etsy sale!

Despite the fact that I spent the weekend on various projects (see my prior post HERE), I had this nagging, frustrated feeling Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully I woke up Monday and noticed that the feeling had left the building…but I don’t know what had gotten into me. There was a lot of sighing, eye rolling, and telling Adam to lay down and to stop following me everywhere (legit, I tripped over him all day).

I also made my third sale on Etsy!


The long-stem champagne flutes! This lifted my spirits up on Sunday as I was struggling to rescreen a window. This was probably the simpliest project I took on recently and I’m happy that these former Salvation Army finds are on their way to a new home for new memories to be made. Comparing other prices of celebratory champagne flutes on Etsy, these were a screamin’ deal at $20.

Now I am staring in the fact of a craft show on 5/18, realizing that I need to create more items, consider filing a d/b/a in my home county, and get an EIN so I can start keeping track of my sales tax so I’m not caught with my pants down next year, come tax time. I want to be “legit” – that way I can claim my expenses, claim part of my household for the business, etc. All the things. Even though I’m limping along now as I begin, now’s the time to get that shit organized so that I can grow without stressing about how to keep myself and the funds organized.

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