Saturday’s feel-goods (pic heavy)

I woke early today to the relaxing sounds of Poopie screaming. One could argue that I started off my Saturday a bit on edge because of that. Besides that, since I had big plans for this weekend, I got up and got started.

Today felt like more than a breath of spring; it felt like the first day of summer. It was just over 70 degrees and sunny here in Upstate New York. I bagged 10 leaf bags and hung out my laundry to dry before noontime…the sun kissed me a little bit!


One of my favorite things of warmer weather is hanging out my laundry. There’s nothing like the smell of the outdoors on my clothes. I like to think I’m single-handedly saving the planet one wash at a time – when, really, this small contribution doesn’t amount to much, but it certainly saves my laundry from the “chewing” of machines.

It’s all about the little things every day that make you feel good.


For me, the feel-goodness came from the amazing weather and knowing I was using my day wisely.

Now if I could kick the anxiety I’ve had all day, that’d be great. It may have been exacerbated by the ice coffee Leah gave me (no regrets, Leah, that coffee was DELISH!), but I’ve just been a bit frustrated for most of my day when I let my brain wander on its own and away from the present. I was tripping over Adam all day, Poopie was screaming much of the day no matter what I did…I was thinking about work, money, my family, and all sorts of imaginary scenarios and interactions. My phone was ringing, notifications were pinging…it’s like, here we are, having a beautiful day, but it seemed like people were spending it on their phones. Then, of course, I was thinking about how there’s so much of that in today’s society – the cell phone staring and social media obsessing…and there goes my brain down the rabbit hole again.

Trust me when I say that I’m likely not overall any better at disconnecting than the next person. I mean I’m here blogging, aren’t I?

So after I wore my new favorite dress, I changed into another set of work clothes and began working on the spare bedroom project. Scraping the remaining glue from the wallpaper border was a lot easier than I thought!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The first picture (the one of the room with the yellow plastic in the center) is the beginning point. The Piranha spray made this project VERY easy. While Theresa and I together went back through with wipes to pick up the remaining glue residue that the scraper was too large to handle, it really went a lot smoother than I expected. I mean, check out that “after” picture of the room (the picture that does not have the yellow bag in it)!

[Of note, it was super encouraging to see the difference in the backs of my legs from the spin classes we’ve been taking. HECK YES to the beginning of a difference between my hamstrings and glutes!]

I also removed this mirror and although it’s a cheapie and Theresa is like, “let’s just get a new, nicer one!” I am going to bring it down to my craft room and play with it. If I can’t get it to look nice, well, a mirror like this is only about $10 at your local Walmart anyhow. But I want to see if I can’t classy it up a bit so it can be reused.


Mirror? You’re coming DOWN, son!

I’m mildly amused that this spare bedroom will be done before even my own bedroom is. Luck of the draw, I suppose! But this room will take the least amount of work to become pretty again. Our room is still undergoing closet construction.

So, tomorrow, it’s supposed to rain. It’ll be the perfect day to clean the moldings and windows and prime the walls for their ultimate color – a sunny, but subdued, yellow. Here’s to hoping that I wake up with less anxiety and general uneasiness.


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