But every song is like gold teeth, Grey Goose…

Royals by Lorde is stuck right into my brain this morning.  And we don’t care – we are caught up in the love affair…

To touch base on goals, it’s almost the middle of April and I’ve made zero sales this month so far. Not for lack of trying – but I won’t lie – it’s not like I’ve been “on it” every single day like I have been in, say, January or February. Life’s gotten too busy and I’ve done what I could with regard to Pinterest and Etsy. I still refuse to plug the shit out of my Etsy shop on my Facebook because I not only dislike Facebook, but when I do go on, I know I also dislike the feeling of being constantly “sold” something. I don’t want to be that person and add to the garbage.

Not saying that down the line I won’t have a Facebook business page for my Etsy shop, but honestly that’s not something I’m seriously considering at this point, given my adversion to Facebook in general. I have a craft show coming up in May and I’m happy with the opportunity to get my shop’s name out in a more organic and natural setting.

Instead of stressing about how little things seem to be growing in that direction, this weekend I am going to put myself to work on the spare bedroom and in my yard.

The spare bedroom’s current status is dismal:


This room hasn’t really been used to anything definitive since we moved in last year. It was kind of a “catch all” and now, given my parents’ situation, I really want to make it a priority to make it a livable, happy room in case it is needed.

So my goal this weekend is to get the wallpaper border remnants scraped off and the room primed and ready for painting!

I also want to spruce up this ceiling fan:


Nothing is wrong with the fan, but similar to the light fixtures in the bathroom referenced in THIS POST, it’s just dated. I haven’t decided on what colors I’m going to use, but I can say the gold accents have got to GO. Maybe I’ll spray the metal a matte silver or a matte oil-rubbed bronze (because you know I love that) and just clean the fan so it’s bright and clean. The glass shades – again, unsure what I’ll do with them – but why toss anything if it can just be cleaned up or re-painted?

Anyway, this will keep me busy, as will raking my yard and getting my greenhouse plants outside for the day to enjoy the sunshine, warm weather, and wind. I expect to go to sleep dog-tired every night, more so than usual.


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